Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Computer finally returns, oh blessed relief

It's official, I'm addicted. Not having my main computer since Friday has been awful, like a constant itch that I can't scratch. I couldn't blog, couldn't download pics from my camera, couldn't easily chat, couldn't print - aaaaarghghghgh! I couldn't even work on my halloween quilt because the only pictures were on the computer, and when I knocked into the design wall the blocks fell off and I couldn't remember how I had them. So whew! the computer is finally back. DS has been making fun of me for not being able live without it.

An update on what I've been crafting, and then I will tell you about what I did on the weekend (hint: time travel...).

Speaking of my halloween quilt, here is the pic of the blocks on the design wall for the centre of the wall hanging. I have now started to sew them together. The border will be a double plain border of more halloween fabric.

I finished my Scandinavian pattern socks and sent them off to their new owner in France - hopefully she will actually get them and they won't get held up in the intermittent postal strike we've been having in the UK. We are still getting our mail, but there are warnings in the newspaper that the mountain of undelivered mail is now so big that even if you post your christmas cards now, they might not get there. Great.

Here is a pic of my index card box for my knitting stash, with photographs of all the stash and/or projects. I am planning to take the cards with me to the Ally Pally knitting and stitching show on Sunday, to help restrain my shopping impulses. I haven't decided whether I will try to photograph some of my other stashes in the same way.

Other knitting: The Noro Matsuri cardigan continues, I've knit the two fronts and am working on the back above the armhole. I'm beginning to worry I will run out of yarn. I'm almost finished the second Harry Potter sock. And I've started the Christmas Stocking out of Simply Knitting magazine's calendar supplement, using Debbie Bliss 'Fez' - I love this yarn! It is so soft and yet has really good body, it is knitting up beautifully.

I've been working on the furniture for the 1:48 Halloween House. I put together the limited amount of kits that come with the house kit, and I've dived into my 1:48 stash to source several accessories. I've also put together some printies from the internet to make faux kitchen cabinets. Now it needs some finishing touches to bring it all together. I haven't stuck any of the furniture pieces in yet because they are so small that it is much easier to 'dress' them first with accessories before putting them into the house.

Now for the weekend report. DH, DS and I went down to Dorset for a Napoleonic weekend in the grounds of a Georgian country mansion. This was an event which brought together several re-enactment groups so there was a military camp of perhaps 100 people in all kinds of different uniforms, with camp followers, servants etc., all in period tents and cooking over campfires. Also present were 'civilian' re-enactors like a Regency dance troupe. We aren't re-enactors but we do love history, and DH paints military miniatures, so we both really enjoyed it (teenage DS moaned a lot and spent most of the weekend sitting in the car listening to music while he played his Nintendo). It was as if we had gone back in time, watching the uniformed soldiers and beautifully costumed ladies strolling around in the park and in front of the house. There were various displays and events, such as Regency dancing, skirmishes and battles, a cavalry display and so on. The best thing was when darkness fell and the public were gone (we camped in the park overnight), and the campfires were glowing in the dark. The costumed re-enactors were arranged around the fires like some kind of chiascuro painting. We took loads of pictures, but here are just a couple.

And there was a display of what a French soldier would have in his backpack: including this 'housewife' or sewing roll. I thought it was a neat design, that would be useful even today. Imagine it sewn in 30s repros?


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I still think the index card box is an indication you should have been a librarian!

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