Friday, 23 October 2009

First interview / first rejection

Well, I didn't get the civil service job, which is fine because I mainly did the interview for practice. I thought it went pretty well, so I have asked for feedback to help me improve. I have also applied for a role in my current company, which doesn't really sound like me but it might be a chance to stay in the company.

I have to use up my leave before I go, so I had a lovely day off on Wednesday and really took it easy. I spent the day finishing the interior of my 1:48 scale Halloween house. I haven't built a ladder yet to go upstairs, and I could still add more accessories. It was wonderful to just not think about jobhunting for a whole day.

I also finished the red, white and blue Regia socks, in just over a week which is something of a record for me. I was hoping to beat the UK postal strike but didn't. I will have to make other arrangements to get them to their new owner.

I've finished quilting the halloween wallhanging and am now stitching down the binding. A friend brought another friend over to see my quilt collection today. I got them all out of the cupboard and laid them on top of each other on the bed. It's good to shake out the folds and give them an air. Only now I've got to fold them up and put them all back this evening, or else face being really REALLY warm tonight. There were a few I'd kind of forgotten about, so it was good to see them all.

I've finished the back and two fronts of the Noro Matsuri cardigan and have cast on for the first sleeve. Even though all my balls are the same dye lot, one of them is much paler than the others, if I have to use it (and I think I will be short on yarn) I am not really sure how I am going to do that, maybe knit it in alternate rows.


swooze said...

Did you get feedback on your interview?

Teresa said...

So sorry about the interview, but it sounds like you have your attitude in the right place, and with that positive attitude hopefully you will find just the right fit. Cute Halloween house.

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