Friday, 6 November 2009


November... only a matter of weeks now until I leave work at the end of the year. I am in a mini-support group with someone else at work, and they are leaving at the end of November. Suddenly time seems to be speeding up. I've been on a financial awareness course for redundancy leavers, which sparked a long overdue look at not only our finances but my long neglected filing system. So today I've spent about five hours tidying up files, hunting down tax forms and pay slips, and clearing out the shelf on my desk where I throw things that need to be filed. Somehow there always seems to be something better to do - like quilting or knitting. I found out yesterday that I won't hear about the internal vacancy I applied for until the beginning of December, a long time to wait.

Meanwhile, Halloween went off pretty well. I left the front window open a crack so I could hear what the kids said as they caught sight of my decorations, so that was pretty fun. We had half a dozen parties of young kids before supper, and another half a dozen of older kids after supper. And only one group of teenagers who weren't even wearing costumes, girls this time. I had two carved pumpkins since the third one had unfortunately gone rotten. The leftover halloween candy has nourished us for several days but is almost gone now. Thankfully. My DH said he only saw one other decorated house in our neighbourhood though, which is even less than usual. I enjoyed seeing all the costumes and handing out fistfuls of candy. Do you like my haunted house pumpkin?

I managed to knit the Rico Pompon scarf for my m-i-l's birthday. I started Friday night and finished it off on Saturday. This time I cast off by knitting 2 together across one row, then casting off the single stitches on the final row. That worked fairly well and only pulled in the knitting a little bit. She was thrilled with the scarf.

My Christmas knitting is underway. My enormous Christmas stocking in Debbie Bliss Fez is several inches long now, and I am just doing the big fair isle stars. I am also knitting some really cute mini stockings to hang on the tree, using a free pattern from Little Cotton Rabbit. They are knit flat which she says makes it easier to do fair isle. But it means you have to purl in fair isle, which I've never done before and find really awkward. Luckily they are only small. I knit two in 2.5 hours with my local knitting group this week. I am also working on my DH's Kauni Pullover and knitting the bottom rib on by hand, and I think this will be his christmas present (although not a surprise obviously).

I've been doing some quilting as well. I finished the re-quilting of the Amish Sunshine and Shadows and gave it a wash to take the marks out. It looks really good and I have now handed it over to my DH. Now I have started a wallhanging for November featuring fireworks (for Guy Fawkees night, which was last night but we are going out to a fireworks show on Saturday night). I've adapted the design from a book by Jeri Kelly called "Every Month- a tablerunner for every month". My wallhanging is basically half a tablerunner, and I've changed the fireworks a bit. I picked the book up at Paducah this year, because I've always wanted to have seasonal quilts for every month of the year. I do have several seasonal wall quilts already, but November is a month that isn't covered.

And here is a tip that I think I read in Fons & Porter magazine: storing sewing needles in a divided plastic box. They recommended a seven-day-pill box, but I couldn't find one of those. I picked this one up for .79p at Lidl (a supermarket) and it works great. I've got my quilting/piecing needles in one, and my general and specialist needles in a second one. I've got the different sizes in each compartment, starting from 60 at the left, then 70, 75, 80, 90 and 100, much easier to find things.


Quilter Kathy said...

Very cool container for needle storage.
Good luck with the job!

cazj said...

Many thanks for your tips on working with pompom yarn - I am a bit stuck on the casting off but I think I will try a sewn method or wait till my knitting group meeting and ask someone who has already used the yarn - love the blog by the way which I found by tracking back on Ravelry.

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