Friday, 27 November 2009

Running to stay in place

I don't know where this week has gone, I seem to have been really busy all week and yet I feel terribly guilty about not doing more on job hunting, not too mention the chaos around the house.

One of the really positive things about being made redundant is that I didn't have to attend Teambuilding Hell this year. However, I was invited to come to the team dinner on the first night, and I decided to go - partly for closure, and partly because my friend who is also being made redundant was going. It sounds like TBH was just as excruciating this year, although to cut costs they were meeting in a community centre near the office rather than decamping to a hotel like last year. When I joined them in the room at the end of the day, there was one wall covered in coloured balloons and stars that they had had to stick up, and they had just finished a teambuilding exercise called 'junk funk' where they had to improvise musical pieces using instruments made from watering cans, safety helmets, etc. Is this a good use of 18 people's time in this economy??? Anyway, so I'm sitting at table next to my friend, looking around at these people and thinking 'I don't know half of you new people that have joined, and I don't like most of the rest of you', when my boss' boss leans across the table and says in her loud nasal American voice to my friend (who finishes the end of this month), and with several former colleagues listening: "So, does it feel strange to be leaving?" The monumental lack of tact was just breathtaking, and how do you answer a question like that? The same woman made an after dinner speech in which she thanked my friend and I (the only two being made redundant) for our "exemplary change behaviour". As another friend remarked, this translates as "you rolled over and died quietly, thanks for that..."

Anyway, enough tales from la-la land. Not a lot of crafting going on this week. I finished two more of the little Christmas stockings but need to sew them up. I made the second sample for the Block of the Month that I am running for my sewing club (which meets tomorrow) - this one is a birdhouse which I think was from a quilting calendar, from the look of the pattern which was contributed. I am probably going to combine it with another block, such as a butterfly, or some flowers growing around the foot.

I also need to finish today some little piecrust pincushions which I am making as gifts for the two ladies that help me out with the club. I'm making four altogether, the third one for me and the fourth one for m-i-l for xmas. These are so cute, I saw them on the Quilt Out Loud internet quilting show because the presenters visited the home of the author of the book that the pattern appears in. The pattern is by Ami Simms, but it is published in the Quilter's Catalog. You basically make a fabric lid for an actual metal pie tin. The pattern calls for a 5.5" tin, but I could only order 4" tins here in the UK, so I have had to downsize the pattern a bit. This is an in-progress picture, I haven't done the decorative blanket stitching on the 'pastry' yet, nor made the rest of the top. I've made three raspberry pies and one blueberry, using the 'Farmer's Market' line of fabrics.

Tomorrow is our last meeting of the year so it is also our christmas meeting. We are only a small group, but we all bring some food for a pot luck lunch, and do a secret santa gift exchange. I am giving away a little miniature crazy quilt. It's usually a fun day, and a chance to get some uninterrupted sewing time in.

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