Friday, 13 November 2009

Wet and dreary

The weather is terrible: wet, windy, rainy. The good news is that we thought we were going to spend all day Saturday on a muddy cold riverbank supporting our son in a rowing race, and now it's been cancelled due to dangerously high river levels / wind levels. So I've got my Saturday back and will try to do some quilting tomorrow.

Otherwise I haven't got much done on the craft front this week. A bit of knitting every day. I'm having trouble with the corrugated ribbing curling on my DH's Kauni jumper. Apparently this is a common problem. I tried undoing the last few rows, reknitting in garter and casting off tightly - which improved it but it still curled. So I undid it all, and cast on again in 2x2 rib (it was 1x1) which is supposed to be more stable, and am re-knitting the bottom band hoping it will improve. I'm on the last sleeve of my Noro Matsuri cardigan, so that might actually be finished before the end of the year.

My November fireworks wallhanging has sat on my sewing table all week. I've sewn a few borders on, then had to take them off because I didn't like them, and now I am putting them back on. It is looking a little boring to me now, I think I need to add more fireworks.

And I made some dust covers for two of my dollshouses from heavy transparent vinyl, using velcro that sticks on one side (the dollshouse side) and sews on the other side (the vinyl side) to stick them on. This was my quilt shop and my Rik Pierce house, both open-backed houses that were getting really dusty inside, hopefully the vinyl will be a barrier against most of the dust now.

On Sunday I am going on a road trip to Ikea with several pensioners from my sewing group, most of whom have never been there. Hopefully it will be enjoyable for them and not too overwhelming, and most of all I hope we don't lose anyone! I think I will give them all DH's mobile number, and print maps of the store off the internet to give everyone. I volunteered DH to be a car pool driver for this trip, and as you can imagine he was thrilled when he heard that. I tell him it is our way of giving back to the community... :)

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