Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

I'm going to be too full tomorrow to blog (or else I will be cooking) so I'm blogging a day early. Merry Christmas to everyone, and best wishes for the new year - with lots of crafting fun and achievement for you in 2010.

I am feeling full of achievement as today I put the last stitches into my Hawaiian batik quilt, and sewed on the label. It is now wrapped and ready to give to m-i-l on Boxing Day. I had this fabulous fabric to use on the back, which shows glamorous vintage couples dancing under palm trees, perhaps on Waikiki Beach.

On Tuesday, as the batik quilt was drying after its post-quilting trip through the washing machine, I quilted up this fun flannel quilt using the panels I bought for £2 each at Leicester on the weekend. I love the way the cut edges fluff up on these raggy flannel quilts, although I had to clean the dryer filter out about 8 times.

On Tuesday I also put the finishing touches on my mini-Christmas Stockings, blocked them and sewed on little hanging loops with little buttons, then assembled the whole thing into a garland. It's so cute! I love these patterns from littlecottonrabbits.

I've made christmas fudge, and christmas cookies, and we are going to pick up the turkey this afternoon. Last night we made our final run to the supermarket(s) - we started in M&S where the shelves were literally picked clean, and so had to go to Tescos which was so full that we got one of the last parking spaces in the lot. So I am feeling that things are under control, and I can relax and enjoy the next few days (apart from doing lots of cooking). Before tonight I need to crochet the trim and hanging loop onto my enormous knitted christmas stocking so that it can be pressed into duty for its first christmas eve.

And in today's post, probably the last post before Christmas, I received a surprise gift from a friend in America. A wrapped present to put under the tree (I think it is a quilting magazine) and these lovely Americana miniature pottery bowls for my dollshouse, by Lori Ann Potts. Thank you!

So if you are celebrating christmas tomorrow, have a lovely day and I hope you enjoy a relaxing holiday with lots of crafting time.

1 comment:

Quilter Kathy said...

That was fun seeing all your recent the stocking garland!

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