Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sun at last

We finally got a sunny day with positive temperatures - we went for a walk and I felt like I had been let out of the house after being cooped up with some kind of illness. The snow is almost entirely gone now after two days of rain.

Somebody knocked over a brick pillar in our driveway then drove off, on Friday. So today we spent an hour knocking down the remaining stub, and breaking up the pillar into bricks. We kept some of the whole ones, and DH took the rest to the dump. We probably won't replace it as it was in the way - it's much easier to park now. Still incredibly annoying that someone would do that and then just drive off. I hope it made a really big and expensive dent in their vehicle.
Today I finished quilting the fourth and last top on my tabletop quilting frame, so I could finally take the frame apart and store it away. Instantly my bedroom seems 50% bigger - the frame really takes up a lot of room. But I did well on it this year: I quilted the Hawaiian Batik top for christmas, the Bento Box red, white and blue quilt, experimented with custom quilting on the country set group project quilt, and finished up with a freebie. The freebie was a Harry Potter duvet cover I pieced for my son some years ago. He has now grown out of it, but it seemed a shame to waste it. I cut it apart, and put it onto the frame, and used up the scraps of wadding/batting left over from the other three quilts, to make it into a quilt. Slightly worn but still good enough to give to charity I think.

The only downside of all this is I now have three quilts to bind.

What else have I been up to since my last post? I made a shelf for the living room of my oldest dollshouse, to accommodate my ever-growing collection of miniature house-shaped teapots. I pieced the shelf together from wood scraps, mitering the corner, and cutting slices of cornice for the brackets. It looks good now that it is mounted, and there is room for more teapots!

My fingerless gloves are coming along, this is a photo taken when I was working on the ring finger and I am now working on the middle finger. I love my specially short glove needles, so much easier for knitting the fingers with.

The Pretty Thing cowl in cashmere is coming along, I am on row 25 out of 61 rows. I had to pull back a few rows because I got to a plain row while I was watching tv, and was knitting round and round waiting to come to my end of round marker (two stitch markers next to each other). Eventually I paid attention to what I was doing and realised that one of the stitch markers had fallen off, so that the end of round marker looked just like all the other markers, leading to me knitting about 2.5 rounds more than I needed to. I am finding this Knitwitches 'heavy lace weight' much easier to knit with than the fine laceweight that I am using for the Pi Shawl.

I have been working on the cross-stitch scissor keeper (actually, most of it is tent stitch) and finished it. I decided it would get in the way, if it were actually attached to scissors. DH suggested making a fridge magnet out of it, to add to my collection of over 100 house-shaped fridge magnets (can you spell 'c-o-l-l-e-c-t-o-r'?), which is what I did. I just slipped a magnet inside before I stuffed it and stitched the top shut. Here is a shot of what it looks like. This is such a cute idea. They did a second version in a Georgian brick style, I might get that next time I see it. UPDATE: after putting my quilting frame away, I tidied up my storage cabinet and guess what I found buried under a lot of fabric? yes, the Georgian style scissors keeper kit, which I had obviously purchased and then forgotten all about. Isn't getting older great?

Continuing my organisational kick, I have photographed all my outstanding dollshouse house kits, and am going to make index cards for each one to help me remember what I've got. This is the result of looking in the bottom of my closet for a pair of shoes, and uncovering a room box kit hidden in the back which I had completely forgotten about. Depending on how long I am going to be a lady of leisure, perhaps I can build some of them.

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Quilter Kathy said...

I love binding quilts! I wish that enjoyment would translate to enjoying applique, which would open up a new world of designs, but so far I haven't enjoyed it.
Enjoy the binding!

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