Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Apparently I am still emotionally attached to my ex-employer

I went up to London last night to attend a farewell party for a former colleague at my old office.  This is the first time I've been back since I became unemployed a month ago.  I was somewhat appalled to find that it seemed completely natural to be going into the building, like I'd only been on a little holiday, and I still felt a strong sense of belonging.  I guess this old dog has not yet learned its new trick despite being cast adrift.  Old habits die hard, and I did work there for 18 years.  I met up with some old friends at the party, and it was nice to be back and talk shop again.

We went up to London on Saturday as well, to visit the Van Gogh exhibition at the Royal Academy.  The first thing we learned is to never never go to an exhibition on a Saturday.  We bypassed the enormous queue to get in as we had complimentary tickets, but the exhibition itself was essentially one long queue shuffling along the walls looking at each picture and description.  If you wanted to look, you had to get in the queue, as you couldn't see anything from inside the room with the queue blocking the way.  Very frustrating and not the way I want to look at pictures at all.  Luckily we found out that Van Gogh isn't to our taste anyhow, so we were not too devastated at the difficulties.  Then we went for a nice lunch at Wasabi (sushi and hot Japanese food).

So what have I been working on?  I still haven't sewn the binding down on the three quilt tops but I did sew the binding onto this tablerunner, which was a printed panel.  I practiced 'channel lock' on my tabletop frame, which is something that longarm quilters can do.  Essentially you lock the machine so that it can only stitch parallel to the roller bars.  Then you roll on a specific interval and stitch another line.  If you turn the item 90 degrees and repeat, you get a grid.  On a home tabletop machine, channel lock is accomplished rather simply by just fixing a clamp to one of the wheels so the machine can only roll sideways.

The Lighthouse sock is looking more like a sock now after I did a flat Bickford seam up the back.  I am just experimenting with toe decreases, the one in the pattern is too pointy for my foot, so I need to redo it.

I made a rack of quilting magazines and books to put in my dollshouse quilting shop.  The rack was a white painted metal clothes rack, and I used some garden wire to bodge in some ledges to rest the books and magazines on, then sprayed it all gray.

I have to make another two samples for the club BOM for our next meeting in February.  This month I am making two trees:  this is the first one.

And I've started a mystery knitting project.  Here is the first picture - bet you can't guess what this is going to be.  I found a pattern on the internet which made me laugh out loud on Sunday night, so Monday morning I was off to my LYS to buy green novelty eyelash yarn.  Which is sure something I never expected to be knitting with.

And my new dollshouse has arrived, thanks to a very kind friend in Indiana who forwarded it to me.  This is a project I want to try to tackle while I am unemployed and have some time to do it.  This will become a new home for my 1/24th scale  Miss Lydia Pickett furniture that I made up last year.  This is a Greenleaf Fairfield dollshouse kit, and I am going to kitbash it to look more like the official Miss Lydia Pickett house (only available in 1/48th scale sadly).  I will probably start a new blog to showcase the build and keep it out of my main blog so that you quilters and knitters don't have to read about how I am cutting and painting little bits of wood.


Teresa said...

Cute tablerunner. I know what you mean about the line at the are museum. We visited the Holacaust Museum in DC and had the same problem. Does not make for an enjoyable tour.

Quilter Kathy said...

So many wonderful projects going on!
I'm amazed that you can just decide to knit a different toe in your socks :)
Great tree block!

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