Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mystery knitting project unveiled

Isn't it mad?  I laughed out loud when I found this on Debi Birkin's website, where the pattern is available as an instant download for £2.  It's been a very enjoyable knit, and coincidentally very timely for Easter which is rushing towards us.  Yes, it's a bit insane, but everyone who has seen it has to laugh - and isn't that a good thing? In case you haven't worked it out, it's a tea cosy.

The job market seems to be picking up a bit, I've been contacted by a recruiter this week about a three month contract position, and  a friend has passed on to me a five month contracting opportunity.  I would prefer a permanent role to a contract role, but it would be good experience and would build my network.  We'll see if anything comes of it.

I blocked my Sirdar Juicy Lace Stole.  It looked really good for about 30 seconds when I unpinned it, then collapsed back in on itself.  This is a very drapey yarn, in bamboo/cotton, so it doesn't block very well.  A knitting friend suggested spray starch.  The ball band says not to iron it.  Ideally I would show you a picture of how nice the stole looks over a strappy summer dress, but there is no way I am putting one on in this miserable grey cold February weather.  This is the time of year when I am wearing lots of hand knits, in layers.

I sewed the binding on to the Harry Potter freebie quilt and took it in to my Saturday sewing group, where it immediately found a new home with one of the grandmothers for her small grandson.  I feel good that this pieced duvet cover got re-purposed and has gone to someone who will use it. The central figure was a panel, then I fussy-cut boy wizards to be the central square in each Ohio Star.

I spent several more hours refurbishing and finishing my Vic-War-Gency period house.  This is my biggest house, with five floors.  I bought it as a bare wood shell about 16 or 17 years ago, and it had never quite gotten finished.  I spent a lot of time finishing the edges of the plywood walls off by gluing strips of card over them, painting 'brick' colour on exposed bits of outer wall, touching up old paint, cleaning off dust and muck, replacing gooey antique bluetack with much safer tacky wax, and re-sticking things that had fallen off/over.  The big job was fixing the electric lights: one whole floor was dark and a couple of other lights weren't coming on.  The floor was easily re-lit with a touch of additional solder on the connection so that power flowed through.  But to correct one stubborn unlit hall light, I ended up having to tear up the floor on the hallway above it - grrrrrr.  Turned out to be a nick in the wire, which I probably did about 15 years ago when I laid the hall floor.  It had worked for a while, but obviously decided to die.  I had to replace the wire, resplice it to the light, then try to stick the floor back down, not very successfully.  The moral of this story is to make your floor removable if there is wiring underneath it. This was the first house I wired for electricity so it was a learning curve.

I spent a couple of hours one afternoon photographing my entire stash of quilting UFOs, panels, fabric collections, bagged up projects, and planned projects.  This added up to over 80 photographs.  Now I need to print them all out and stick them onto index cards.  I am a very visual person when it comes to inventory - out of sight means out of mind for me.  I am hoping having a visual record is going to spur me to finish some of these.  I did take one of the oldest ones with me on Saturday to my sewing group:  a Stack and Whack from Bethany Reynold's first book, which I started in 1999.  There is even a pack of Y2K fat quarters in the bag, which may be collector's items by now.  Hard to believe that is ten years ago now. Luckily I had always said that this would be DS's college quilt, so I've got a few years to go yet.


Vanessa Hubbard said...

That tea cosy is AWESOME!

Jeanne said...

Cute bunnies! My granddaughter would love that Harry Potter quilt. Nice work.

Jill said...

Love it! I just finished a Debi Birkin knit myself-the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Pic on my blog. I bought 2 more of her patterns - aren't they wonderful?

Daisy said...

That tea cosy is too funny! I hope you're going to bring it along to knitting group for us to admire!

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