Sunday, 7 February 2010

Thank goodness for knitting

I've been doing a lot of knitting lately - I find it very calming.  Previously I might have managed a few hours of knitting a week.  Now it is more like a few hours a day, and today (Sunday) I've probably done about 3.5 hours because I was knitting at lunchtime in a cafe and then spent the afternoon with my pub knitting group.  Friday I was so fed up with the whole job hunt slog that I played hooky: I knit in front of the tv for an hour and a half, went back to bed for two hours, had lunch then went shopping with a friend ,then sat in a cafe with her just knitting for another hour and a half.  It was wonderful and I felt so much more relaxed and energised afterwards.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could knit during a job interview?  I would be so calm and relaxed, and not nervous at all.

So what am I knitting?

I finished the fingerless gloves.  I like knitting gloves, there are so many different stages to them, so they are never boring to knit.

With the gloves finished, I needed a new mindless carry-around project, so I have started some Roman Rib Socks from the 'Little Box of Sock Patterns' that my lovely friend Swooze sent to me last year.  These are in Tofutti which is a mix of wool, cotton, soysilk and chitin.  The colours are actually a bit more pastel than they look in this photo.

My Pretty Thing Lace Cowl is slowly coming along.  I am finding the middle bit somewhat boring as it is just the same two rows repeated. Still enjoying knitting with the cashmere.  And I've tried it on my head just to check that it will fit over - it does.

I finished the first Lighthouse Sock after reknitting the toe decreases a few times.  This is thicker wool than I've ever used before for socks.  After a few experiments I found that two rows of plain knitting between the decreases gave a rounded shape that fit my foot.  I found that the intarsia cuff was too loose on my ankle so I decreased more than the pattern said, to tighten it up to fit my foot.  I might try and decrease the intarsia portion on the second sock, although there were a couple of decreases in the lighthouse pattern and I didn't like how they interfered with the picture (the decrease makes a bump).

I finished the second tree block for this month's BOM samples.  I laid out all the garden-themed BOM blocks I've made so far.  I have no idea how they are going to go together yet, but they are starting to look like a quilt.

Our excitement this week has come from my raiding a skip (dumpster) down the road (yes, we lead simple lives here...).  I usually have a peek into skips as I walk by them, because of all the times I've heard on TV or read in magazines about people making incredible finds.  The skips I look in are usually full of dirt, broken bricks and rubbish, so I wasn't expecting anything.  Lo and behold, this skip was full of all sorts of perfectly good stuff.  It looked like someone was clearing out a garage and just decided to pitch it all instead of giving it to charity or selling it.  There was a whole crate of Games Workshop models, which is my son's hobby, so I bagged them immediately and he was in seventh heaven going through it all - he reckons there is about £200 worth of stuff in it.  I also got some lawn chair cushions still in their wrappers, a folding plastic crate which I will use for sewing, and a box of artist's pastels.  A few days later, when we drove past, I thought it looked like they had put  more stuff in the skip so I went back for another look.  Sure enough, there was new stuff, including a whole crate of dollshouse stuff!!  I mean, our hobbies are a bit esoteric, and we don't even usually find anything for them at boot sales (flea markets), and here are two big crates of stuff in the same skip!  We have dubbed it the Magic Skip, and although I have been watching it daily in case they dump in a crate of knitting yarn to ice the cake, disappointingly they now seem to be filling it with the remains of the garage itself.  I will keep an eye on it though, in case they put in more good stuff once it's been emptied.  Look at all the dollshouse stuff I've got!


Susan said...

Who would put all that stuff in a skip? You'd think they'd at least give it to a charity shop, lucky for you they didn't.
I wouldn't dare go looking in skips, I'm just a big coward.

swooze said...

Awesome find. Obviously some crafter passed or was moved to a home and the family has no appreciation for the value. Your gain. Wishing for the appearance of the magic yarn!

Daisy said...

I love the idea of knitting during an interview!

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