Friday, 12 February 2010

Time is whizzing by

Now that I am adjusting to my new routine, the time just seems to be evaporating.  Some days it feels like I roll out of bed, wonder what I am going to do all day, and then 'poof!' - it's time to make supper.  It is partly because being on the computer looking at job ads eats up hours every day.  And this week I had parent's evening at the school, and a compulsory 'Back to Work' course at the unemployment benefits centre.  The course was only an hour long but pretty grim, full of angry frustrated people complaining about how they don't get a break because they are dyslexic or don't have computer access at home.  It made me realise how incredibly privileged I am.

I also rode a bus for 40 minutes to another town to attend a daytime meeting of a machine knitting club, one of the few still in existence after the hobby basically died in this country.  I was really into machine knitting in the late 90s until 2003, when I had to put my machines in storage for a year when we were trying to sell our house.  By the time I got them out and set up at the new house, I'd forgotten how to do all the good stuff and really lost my momentum. There is a fine line between enjoyment and frustration on a knitting machine, like any craft hobby I guess.  Only on a machine, if you forget to push a button or mis-thread the carriage, it can all go pear-shaped in a couple of seconds.  Anyway, it was really nice to be in a room full of (rather elderly) people who are still doing the hobby and who had brought in things they had made for show and tell.  The group challenge at the moment is to make a cardigan so I may try to have a go at making one before next month's meeting.  I have loads of coned yarn out in my knitting shed, although a lot of it is [lowers voice and whispers] acrylic.

So, not as much craft time this week.  I did spend several hours working on an old quilting UFO, a sliced up picture of Venice from a group project two years ago.  Basically you chose a photograph, traced out the outlines enlarged to your desired size, sliced the photo into four slices, and handed out three slices to other group members to applique over.  I never finished mine because the fourth contributor took months to get her slice back to me, by which time I had moved on to other projects.  I haven't taken a photograph because it doesn't look like much yet.  I have completed the lower half of the slice which is part of a gondola, and am now working on windows with grilled balconies.

And I've done more on my mystery knitting project.  I have made seven of these.

And I've made 10 of these.  Bet you can't guess what I'm making.

I've started sewing down the binding on one of the quilt tops, because I have arranged to give it to a former work colleague for her daughter.

And that's about it this week.  Still bitterly cold here, with a real wind chill, hovering around freezing, and we even had more snow flakes for a couple of days although it didn't settle.  Meanwhile the crocuses are starting to bloom in the lawn, and the daffodils are poking up out of the ground.  Hope you are keeping warm where you are. 

I will finish with a seasonal knit that I made as a surprise to slip into my husband's card on Sunday.  The pattern is in the 2010 Knitting Pattern a Day calendar, for February 14.


Quilter Kathy said...

What a lovely valentine for your sweetie!
Look forward to seeing your group sliced project!

廖佳怡 said...
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