Friday, 5 March 2010

Feast or Famine

Someone poked a stick into the nest of recruiting agencies on the 1st of March, because my phone has almost been ringing off the hook, or at least that's what it feels like.  I've been called by 6 or 7 over the last week, so am getting quite used to conversations starting out with " Mrs ...? I saw your details on the internet and..."  The one who approached me about the three month contract succeeded in getting me an interview, so I went for that yesterday morning.  The interview went very well and I'm pretty sure they want me to do the contract - I just wish it were for longer than three months.  Meanwhile, one of my online applications has achieved an interview up in London for next Friday.  And then yesterday, one of the recruiters that had called and said he would send me a job description, but never did, called back to say he had got me an interview!  This is for a position that I hadn't even seen a description for, which seems like a shortcut through the whole process.  Perhaps the next recruiter will ring me to say they saw my details on the internet and would I like to start on Monday.  :)  So I've got two interviews next week, meanwhile waiting to see if this contract comes off.  It must be a sign of an improving economy, if companies are starting to recruit again, but it feels a bit surreal after February passed by with no interviews at all and very little interest in me.  But it has lifted my spirits and I feel more confident now than I did a few weeks ago.

However, these are all for full time roles, so my dream of being home one day a week for craft time is unlikely to be realised.  I haven't had as much time to craft this week what with all the phone calls and studying for interviews, plus I had to go in and physically register with one agency.  But I did get a few things done.

I sewed the binding on last year's quilting group BOM so it is now done.  This is the one where I was determined to use fabric for the border out of my stash, ending up with this pink and green mitred bordered which looks fine but perhaps doesn't frame the quilt as well as it could.  I also used this quilt for machine quilting practice on my frame, so some of the stitching doesn't bear close scrutiny.  But I always knew I was going to donate it to charity so felt ok about using it for practice.  I contacted a charity that provides blankets to elderly people in homes but they haven't come back to me yet, so this quilt is still hanging in the stairwell awaiting a new home.

I put my Rik Pierce Ratty's House on the kitchen table and finally finished it by installing the windows, shutters, and most importantly, the wiring.  There are two Heidi Ott lamps on the ground floor, a Sussex Crafts glowing fire, a hidden fluorescent bulb in the mezzanine and a dockside lamp outside.  The wires all go down through the walls (using channels I built in when I constructed the house) into the custom base that Rik provided.  I brought them all together and fed them into an adapter that came with the transformer, where the transformer lead plugs in to give power to the whole structure.  I really like it, the lighting brings it to life.  The next step will be to start adapting and installing the various bits of furniture I have collected for it.

Meanwhile, as I watch tv at night, I have been working on the second Lighthouse sock.  This pattern from Borealis Sweaterscapes is for two pairs of socks.  One pair has a lighthouse on one sock, and trees on the other.  The second pair has a sailing boat on one sock, and trees on the other.  I thought the boat and the lighthouse went better together, so I have knit the sailing boat as the other sock.  I had trouble with the trees on this intarsia, as they are very irregular with lots of isolated patches of colour, leading to lots of ends on the back to darn in, which makes the socks a bit stiff. The last step was to embroider the mast with backstitch.  I gave it a wash to block it, and it is now drying before I seam it into a sock and knit the foot in the round.

I haven't done much quilting but my Venice sliced applique picture has been on my sewing table all week, and I have added to it occasionally.  The first picture shows my slice on the right, in progress and pinned onto two slices contributed by others.  The second picture shows all four slices pinned together, with the original photograph.  You can see that there is a lot still to do on my slice, to add details, foliage etc.  There is going to be some trimming needed at the top and bottom of the picture, as contributors have left them at different heights, but I will do that last once everything is seamed together.

That's it for this week - wish me luck on my interviews!  And here is a shot of Spring coming into my garden.


Daisy said...

Fantastic news - good luck with it all

Teresa said...

Wishing you much success in your interviews. I do hope you find a position that you can enjoy and that will carry you through to retirement.

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