Friday, 19 March 2010

Feels like a holiday

This week has seemed so relaxing because I haven't had to job-hunt.  I am taking enormous pleasure in hitting the delete button on the few job alerts still arriving in my in-box.  I still don't have a start date, but my employment contract came today and I've completed all the forms and sent it back.  I have a pleasant feeling of being on holiday, in this interim period before I rejoin the workforce.

Tuesday I went to see a film (Valentine's Day, a romcom, not very good) then went straight on to my pub knitting group where I worked on my mittens in Rico Poem.  These are to match the Warm-Ears Hat that I made a few months ago and have been living in ever since.  Although I got so interested in the chat that I managed to knit a thumb gusset halfway up my index finger and had to rip back several rows (and somehow ended up with my working yarn coming out of the row underneath the stitches on the needles, I'm not even sure how I did that...  I'd only had one drink, honest).

Wednesday I went by train to Richmond to meet up with an ex-colleague who is still job hunting.  We had a nice walk along the river and enjoyed a cup of tea at the cafe under the bridge.  Afterwards I went shopping for a new spring coat (didn't find one), and was working on my Broken Rib socks in ToeFutti yarn from the Little Box of Sock Patterns.  These socks have a really strange heel, sort of an upside down gusset where you increase and THEN short row, instead of short-rowing then decreasing.  I've also decided to knit the ball of the foot in reverse stocking stitch so that the smooth side of the stitches is against my skin - a tip I read online somewhere for people with sensitive feet.  If I had been thinking, I should have done the heel in reverse stocking stitch as well, but I'm not ripping back now.

Meanwhile I knit the collar and crocheted bands for my Rowan Scottish Tweed machine-knit/hand-knit cardigan.  I was able to use some gorgeous handmade ceramic buttons that my m-i-l gave me for christmas.  Unfortunately, when I tried the cardigan on, the drop shoulders were hanging down near my elbows due to the neckline being waaaaaaaay too wide.  I think this was partly due to my having left the back neck stitches on waste yarn  rather than casting them off, so the knitting was very stretchy there, and partly because I picked up too many stitches.  So I ripped out the collar and am reknitting.  I cast off the back neckline stitches then picked them up again, picked up fewer stitches, and knit the first inch using a smaller needle size.  The cardigan seems to be sitting much more where it should now, and is looking good.  I love this colour.  The yarn is a bit scratchy although it softened on washing, but I think this is going to be one to wear over a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Last weekend was my sewing group, and as you know I have been handing out BOM patterns each month on a garden theme.  Normally I have completed a sample ahead of time, but completely failed last month due to all the interviews etc.  So I worked on the sample during the day, and finished it afterwards - here it is, this is c. 12.5" square.  The blue print in the background is actually  my tablecloth but it looks kind of cool with this block! The pattern was in Australian P&Q magazine and provided several different flower patterns to choose from - this is the Lily pattern.

I'm being more diligent for next month and have already almost finished the next sample of a rooster (I just need to embroider some legs).  I decided to perch him on the birdhouse I completed in a previous month, which means he must be a small rooster (or else it's a big birdhouse...).

Yesterday I travelled up to the Stitch and Craft show at Kensington Olympia.  I enjoyed the show but most of it was stuff I don't do, like scrapbooking and stamping.  There were probably about 7 or 8 knitting suppliers, including the troubled Web of Wool, Toft Alpaca, Knitting4Fun, Debonnaire, and others I can't remember.  The machine knitter's guild were there, and teaching people how to knit.  There was also an initiative I hadn't heard of called, who are collecting handmade textile pennants for the athletes of the 2012 Olympic games.  There were a handful of quilting suppliers, and I succumbed to a set of reasonably priced FQs from Sunflower Quilting because they were just so Cath Kidston.  I have the Eleanor Burns book "Fans and Flutterbies" and some fabric bagged up as a future project, and I think this fabric would go really well with it.


swooze said...

You do sound so much more relaxed now. Love seeing all your projects!

Teresa said...

Congratulations on getting a job and sounds like it is one you will enjoy. That extra commuting time is sometimes nice to plan your day, and then at the end of the day, to think about all the fun things waiting on you at home. I wish you much success.

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