Friday, 23 April 2010

Blink and it's Friday

Once again my week has evaporated into thin air.  It's getting busier at work as they hand more stuff over to me. 

I got to do a fun thing today:  a team from work went along to the St. George's Day fair at historic Leadenhall market in London where the special VIP guests were Mayor of London Boris Johnson and leader of the Conservative party David Cameron.    There was a small mob of press and tv cameras following their every move, trampling over everything in their path (including us) in their desperation to get good pictures or an interview.  I had the office digital camera with me and by chance (because I was wedged into a food stall which protected me from the press mob) I was able to get an excellent shot of the two of them, as well as taking pics of my team which was my real reason for being there.  Then when I got back to the office I wrote up a little article about the event for our intranet.  I never got to go out and do nice stuff like that in my old job.  And it was a beautiful sunny day to be out. So happy St. George's Day. 

Craftwise it has been mainly knitting this week, with a very small amount of work on my dollshouse kit. I have continued knitting on my Clapotis, which I have to admit is getting a bit boring now as I persevere down the central section. 

I also spent considerable time at the I-Knit knitting group on Thursday night carefully counting to nine as I did the set-up row for my lace border on my Pi Shawl.  I have 576 stitches so you can imagine my feelings when I got to the very end of the round and found I had a stitch left over...  And I'd only had one beer, honest.  So this morning on the train, I went around the entire round and counted to nine again, repeatedly.  Mystifyingly, all repeats had the correct nine stitches, so where the extra stitch came from I have no idea.  I did a k2tog and moved on.

And tomorrow is my quilting club which I am looking forward to.  My plan is to sew the very last block of the Garden Theme BOM and then I will be able to get to the fun part of designing the quilt top.  I have an assortment of odd-sized blocks and some printed garden-y panels, so I foresee lots of sashing in my future.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

What fantastic should sell that to the papers! Quite funny they have the same expression on their faces..LOL I bet there would be some interesting captions to go with it...(the first one I can think of is "monkey see, monkey do!")

And only because I'm into cameras...what's with the lens in the bottom left hand corner doing in the cookies!

Have a great weekend!

Teresa said...

A stitch in time saves nine, sounds like you did so well you saved an extra one. Do any of your former co-workers read your blog? If so, they must be a little envious of the great new job you have found.

Daisy said...

Your new job sounds so cool.

I hate it when stitches mysteriously multiply with no explanation...

Daisy said...

Testing... Do you get my email address from this comment?

Quilter Kathy said...

Great to hear that the new job is turning out well!

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