Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My new job is great!

The first day of my new job, and compared to my experience starting my last job at my old company a few years ago, today has seemed like heaven.

- I had a desk ready and waiting for me (unlike my last job) in an 'open plan' area with only five people in it, in a quiet corner

- People were friendly and welcoming and even gave me chocolate

- They don't have team meetings!

- There is no clean desk policy!

- The lifts (elevators) work (at my last office they were constantly on the blink)!

- The building was just refurbished two years ago so everything is lovely and new
- My boss encouraged me to take my full hour for lunch, and she was out the door herself at 5:01 pm!

- they had a proper induction process, induction documents waiting for me, I was set up on the IT system already, and got my new pass right away.

I'm so relieved.


swooze said...

Nice!!! Thought about you when I woke up and it must have been around 12:30 your time. Look forward to the updates.

Daisy said...

Sounds fantastic! I'm glad it worked out for you, I hate starting new jobs!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sounds like you struck gold! I'm so relieved for you! Congratulations!

Teresa said...

Wow....sounds like an efficient organization. Hurrah on a good first week!!!

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