Friday, 2 April 2010

A start date at last

I will be starting my new job on Wednesday.  I met some of my new colleagues on a training course this week, and they seem like a nice lot, so I am trying not be too nervous.

Meanwhile I have the Easter weekend plus a few days so I have finally stopped procrastinating and made a start on my Greenleaf Fairfield dollshouse kit.  I won't say much about it here, because I will be talking about it on a separate blog.  However, it will likely be hogging a lot of the craft time for the next little while. My family are dutifully eating on the picnic table as I have once again taken over the dining table to be my work area.

My big news this week is that I finally got my oldest quilting UFO to the top stage.  I started this Wonders of the World Stack and Whack quilt back in 1999, back when Bethany Reynold's first book was a  huge craze in the quilting world.  I got several yards of a novelty print featuring world sights from and started cutting.  Unfortunately the piecing of the LeMoyne stars was less quick, and it gradually dwindled into being the project that I pulled out of the cupboard when I had nothing better to do.  Luckily I said it was going to be for my son to take to college, and he is only 15 even now, so I still have a few years to finish it.  The starting point was the attic windows centre panel where I framed all of the sights featured in the fabric, then each star is a kaleidoscope based on a different element.  I'm pleased with how it has turned out. Also slightly amazed that it has finally turned into a top, after years of being a bag of crumpled fabric.

I finished my Rico Poem mittens to match my Warm-Ears hat.  I even wore them proudly yesterday as the weather has turned quite cold here.  My pride soon turned into chagrin because it started raining as I was walking DS to the station.  I got out the folding umbrella I always carry, and was staying dry and warm underneath that while we waited for the train.  Suddenly a gust of wind yanked the umbrella out of my admittedly loose grip, and threw it onto the tracks where DS's approaching train promptly ran over it.  And it was a Cath Kidston umbrella which wasn't cheap.  Grrrr.  But the mittens are lovely and warm, this yarn is so soft and fuzzy.  It is a self striping yarn.  I tried to start at the same place in the colour run for the two mittens, and they are similar but not identical.


Teresa said...

Congratulations on finishing the top. I have done a couple of stack and whack projects, always interesting on the blocks you end up with.

Quilter Kathy said...

Congrats on your finished top! It is amazing! A real one-of-a-kind! Show us how you quilt it!

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