Sunday, 16 May 2010

11 balls of yarn, 6 and a quarter yards of fabric, and a 38-piece tea set

No, it's not my shopping list, it's what I've come back with following a weekend away to the Malvern quilt show.
Seven members of my quilting group (including me) plus one husband (not mine) car-pooled in two cars up to stay in a bed and breakfast between Malvern and Worcester on Friday.  My friend and I had a lovely time in Worcester on Friday afternoon, visiting the cathedral, the Greyfriars Tudor National Trust property with a lovely garden behind, two shops selling quilting fabric, and several other interesting buildings and shops.

Saturday morning we were off to the quilt show.  I was quite restrained at first, although I did order a laser pointer for my quilting frame as this is an add-on now from the manufacturer.  Then we met up for lunch and decided we would have another half-hour at the show before driving into Malvern.  That galvanised me and I quickly picked up a lovely book of sewing accessories by Art to Heart, several pieces of Windham fabric from the American Quilt Store which was reduced to £4 a yard as well as five fat quarters of 30s fabric, and half a metre of a cute fabric from the Brittania line featuring various British pubs.

In Malvern I hit "The Knitting Parlour" knitting shop which is in new more spacious quarters since my last visit (when it was shut).  I had a happy half hour fondling yarn and came away with 11 balls of this very pretty self striping DK yarn.

Then I went up the hill to the main street that runs along the hill, to visit the antiques shop where I picked up a lovely little Royal Albert tea set for a song last year.  And dang if they didn't have another tea set in the window.  This one doesn't have a maker's mark but the dealer thought it might be late Victorian or Edwardian.  It's in the Willow pattern, and there are 11 cups, 12 saucers, 12 side plates, 2 cake plates, a fruit bowl and a milk jug.  All in good condition apart from one cup that has a small crack.  There are only three of us in my family and I don't need a 12-setting tea set - but it was going for £45!!!  They were practically giving it away.  So it all went into a box and I tottered down the hill to find my friends who were luckily having a cup of tea not too far away.  Now I just need a bigger house and a French dresser to display them all on.

I took my Clapotis  and my Pi Shawl to knit on over the weekend.  I am beginning to have a love-hate relationship with the Pi Shawl.  I have gone wrong so many times on this border that it's not funny.  There have been whole sessions of knitting, two hours long, where I have actually ended up with less knit at the end than I had to begin with.  Thursday night I went to I-knit and took the Pi, and it was just a disaster from start to finish.  I noticed I had dropped one stitch down several rows, but because it involved k2tog and yarnovers I made a complete dog's breakfast of latching it up.  Then I realised I had been knitting the wrong row in the pattern for about 200 stitches.  And when I tried to un-knit back to the beginning of the round I managed to drop two more stitches next to each other, and completely wrecked about a square inch of knitting trying to repair that.  So on the weekend I spent Friday night letting those two stitches down again and trying to knit them up again properly.  It still doesn't match its neighbours but it looks better.  Things went better after that until I realised last night as I reached the end of the round that I had just knit approximately the last 250 stitches as the wrong row again.  AAAAAAARGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I only have about 4 rows to go so I may just leave it that way...

oh, and I finished the last block of the Garden themed BOM I've been running with my club.  This sample actually combines the three final patterns into one block.  I looked hard at Malvern for a border fabric that will pull all the blocks together, and finally found it!  Unfortunately, it was in the stash of another member who had bought it at the show, and was showing us in the evening at our Show and Tell session.  And not enough yardage to make it worthwhile mugging her for it.  I've now had to order it from America because she can't remember where she bought it and I couldn't find it from an online UK supplier.   Grrrrrr.....

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Daisy said...

You obviously need to invite the knitting group round for a tea party! ;-)

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