Thursday, 6 May 2010

One election and a funeral

A strange day as the nation is gripped by election paralysis.  My office is next to a polling station, and my first thought was "why are those people with ribbons on their chest standing outside the library?", before realising why.  My newspaper was full of election  articles, and the office is partly empty as various PR people are out on election-connected duties.

I however was wearing my black suit, which doesn't really suit me, as I had a funeral to attend.  I left work at 10 and hopped on the Northern line down to Tooting where my DH and in-laws picked me up.  It was a cousin of my f-i-l whom I didn't know well.  The service was well attended and everything went smoothly.  But it was distressing to see how distraught the immediate bereaved were, it feels almost like we are intruding on them,  to have to be a spectator to such grief.  Afterwards I went back to work, and my DH and in-laws went on to the reception, where they said the family were more pulled together and able to talk to people.  Not nice.  It was a brain tumour and she went very quickly, I think just four months from feeling unwell.

I was on a two-day Adobe Photoshop course this week, and able to knit on my Pi Shawl on the train journeys and at knitting group on Tuesday night.  I'm almost halfway through the final border now.

I also finished the new edging for my Kaffe Fassett Chain Mail t-shirt.  The left picture is what it looked like the first time I finished it, and the right picture is the new length with a garter stitch edging, which I think looks much neater.

I've also realised that I never blogged my finished Pretty Thing lace cowl.  This is a pattern by the Yarn Harlot which I purchased as a download from Ravelry.  It's the most complicated lace I've tried, but it isn't hard.  I used pure cashmere from Knitwitches in a heavy laceweight.  The finished result is soft as a cloud and incredibly lightweight.  Unfortunately it is also incredibly floppy, and tends to sag into a kind of rope around my neck which obscures all the lovely lace.  It is really warm though.  My tension looks ok, so perhaps a pure cashmere just doesn't have enough body for a cowl to stand up.

I've even done a little bit of sewing.  I am working on the final block of the Garden themed BOM, which I fused at the last Saturday sewing group session, and now am zigzagging around the edges of leaves and flowers.  Then I will be able to get going on designing the quilt.  The big decision will be: "do I like it enough to make it queen-size to fit my bed, in which case it has to be quilted manually" versus "no, I think I will give it away, in which case I will make it less than 60" wide so it will fit onto my table-top machine quilting frame and I can quilt it easily."

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Yowch yes, it was like that with my Dad's brain tumour - five months from diagnosis to finish. Think we were more shell-shocked than distraught at the funeral though.

I like what you've done with the edging on the Kaffe Fassett.

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