Saturday, 26 June 2010

Clapo'd out, but it's finished

The big news this week is that I have, at long last, finished my Clapotis, and it is blocking as I type this.  It didn't die quietly though.  Not content with making me rip out three inches of drunken knitting (from a night at I-Knit London which has an alcohol license), it let me get part way through the decreases until I was getting complacent, then slammed me with a non-dropped stitch about 3 inches earlier.  But I wasn't beaten, I unravelled the edge stitch back to the problem, dropped the stitch, then crocheted back up the edge.  It happened again near the end, but I didn't mind ripping back at that point because I had decreased down to about 15 stitches so it was no big deal.  So it's done.  Thank god.

The other big news is that I topped my Garden BOM quilt.  Adding on the 'Roses and Magnolia' border that I had to order from America really makes this quilt, and I'm pretty pleased with it.  The design isn't ideal, you certainly wouldn't aim for a quilt looking like this.  But considering the starting point of 18 unrelated blocks, I feel a sense of achievement at what I have accomplished.  I took it along to sewing group today, and everyone really liked it.

As I had finished the group project, I was free to work on something new.  I wanted something quick, so I pulled out four packs of Moda/Mary Engelbreit charm squares that I got for $3.99 each at Hancocks Paducah, and tried out the Disappearing Four Patch  tutorial that I found on the internet. It is easy and quick to do.  These fabrics are probably a bit too busy for it, you would see the pattern better if there were more contrast, but I enjoyed the quick piecing and bright colours.

I've had two yarn squishies arrive in the post this week.  This pack is Bergere de France Coton Mercerise, and I am going to have a go at the delectable Eyelet Jumper from No. 152 Spring Summer 2010.  This a wonderful lacy tunic which shades up from one luscious icecream colour into the next.  I've started knitting the tension swatch.  I think the pattern is within my ability level but I am having a bit of trouble with the twisted cable rib because the thin cotton is too slippery and the cable needle falls out.

My other squishie was a kit of yarns from Jamieson & Smith for the official Knit Camp pulloverI don't have a chance in heck of getting this done in time to wear on the trip, but I know others are beavering away at it and there is a group on Ravelry.  I will probably just add this project to my (incredibly long) queue.


swooze said...

Love the shawl. Love the quilt. The yarns are yummy! What trip?

Teresa said...

Your garden quilt is beatiful and you are right about the border setting it off perfectly.

Tasha said...

Your Clap is gorgeous. One of my Ravelry groups have been working on claps in May and June. I crochet, not knit, but the Clap makes me wish I could knit.

Your Garden quilt looks awesome. Isn't it awesome to have more than one creative skill?

The new yarns look like fun too. Enjoy them!

Quilter Kathy said...

I enjoyed the D4P blocks too! Must look around my closet and see where I hid them!
Love your garden BOM quilt...I know how difficult it is to put together so many different blocks...great job!

Daisy said...

Hooray for getting Clapotis finished!

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