Sunday, 20 June 2010

Now I want to machine knit

I spent an enjoyable day yesterday at the UK Machine Knitting Guild AGM in Basingstoke.  I am not a member, but the AGM only took up one hour of the day and non-members could pay at the door to hear the talks and shop in the market.  I had a really good day.  People were incredibly friendly, it wasn't that crowded, and there were two speakers, Ruth Lee and Iris Bishop.  I wore a machine knitted multi-colour tuck stitch cardigan that I made about 10 years ago, which attracted several admiring compliments and I was asked to take part in the fashion show at the end of the day when everybody wearing something they'd knitted did a twirl down the aisle.  There were some great club displays, and I picked up two Nina Miklin books quite cheaply from Heathercraft. Iris Bishop's talk was really interesting and she was quite funny as well.  I bought two of her books, one of seasonal fair isle designs (incredibly intricate) and one for a knit woven wavy top.  Now I feel like I really want to get my machine knitting going again.  I also realised, after a conversation with a gentleman who services machines, that my sponge bar in my 881 must be shot as well, since it has many of the symptoms he described such as needles popping up and jamming in the carriage.

And while I was listening to the talks, I was knitting these cute baby booties which are from a free pattern here.  I was able to knit both and stitch them both together over the course of the day.  They are an easy knit but quite cute when they are done.

 I forgot to blog that I finished the first of the Broken Rib Socks .  This is from the Little Box of Sock Patterns and has a bit of a strange heel with an upside-down gusset.  I also experimented with doing reverse stockinette stitch under the ball of my foot to see if that makes them more comfy.  They fit but are probably a little too loose to stay up well.  This is Tofutsi yarn, very pretty.  Now I have to knit the second one....

And I've been sewing.  I've been slowly assembling the Garden Theme BOM Quilt, which is a bit like putting together a jigsaw where you have to make all the in-between pieces.  I am using a very unscientific method (not good at math here), just putting the pieces up on the design wall in the desired position, then measuring the gaps to see how wide I need to cut the bushy-fabric-background strips to go around them.  Slightly complicated by the bushy fabric being directional.

A friend of mine came over from America to visit the V&A quilt show, and she brought prezzies!  She brought me these lovely colonial pottery pieces for my dollshouse, plus some mini-shopping bags.

And she brought me some Peltex interfacing, that I couldn't find here in the UK when I was making my sewing basket.  And the gifts were in this great bag from the 2010 Chicago quilt show.  Isn't she lovely!

I made a project right away with the Peltex.  I needed a case for my mini Filofax diary that lives in my handbag.  I used to have the original slipcase but I lost it.  I started by cutting out a flat-pack box shape from the Peltex.

Then I covered it in pretty quilting fabric, turning the seam allowances to the inside in a folded hem, and stitching them down by machine all around the outside edge. I also machine stitched down the fold lines.

Then I folded the shape into a box, and hand-stitched it together using a whipstitch.  Voila, a cute box that the diary fits into snugly.  It makes me smile when I come across it in my handbag when I am digging around for something.

And it's that time of year, when I make you look at pictures from my garden.  Here are these amazing roses that keep living from year to year (unlike many of my other plants) and are absolutely huge - about the size of a bread plate.

This year I planted one of those packets of mixed meadow flowers, and this is the result.

1 comment:

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh have been so busy!
Love the booties and the socks!
And you have done a marvellous job on the quilt too...with so many different sized blocks to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle!

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