Saturday, 5 June 2010

Summer is here (at last)

The weather was still so unsettled that when we went away camping for a few days this week, I had to take everything from my woolly hat and a scarf, through my raincoat and umbrella, right to my sleeveless tops and shorts.  And I used all of them in just a few days.  Gotta love the UK weather.  Currently we are on 'hot', and it has been a gorgeous 26 degrees C or higher the last few days, with blue skies and a pleasant breeze. 

We were camping up near Abingdon, right on the river, which was a gorgeous location.  Abingdon is quite a historic town, and we enjoyed doing a pub crawl around some of the 16thC pubs one night.  In the picture you can see Abingdon and the Thames river, and our little green/cream camping tent at the right of the picture.  We also went into Oxford a couple of times and did a walking tour of the city centre.  I found a brilliant bookstore where everything costs £2, and found three dollshouse books and a knitting stitch compendium by Mary Webb which has 300 stitch patterns, each clearly photographed and charted. 

As we were camping, my craft opportunities for a few days were confined to knitting.  I continued to bind off the Pi Shawl, and am now on the home stretch with only a few feet to go.  It came in quite handy yesterday in Abingdon, when I was knitting in a cafe in the shade and was feeling a bit too cool.  I just draped the shawl over my shoulders and continued to cast off. It felt lovely and light and surprisingly warm.

I also soldiered on with the Clapotis, which I have had quite enough of now.  I have made it to 11 repeats on the centre section, so one more repeat and then I can start decreasing.  Thank goodness.

Before I went away, I finished the Sewing Basket.  I removed the top band that I sewed on last week because I didn't like the wrinkles, and sewed it back on again more neatly.  I also added a carry handle, which isn't in the original pattern but I think makes it more useful. 

There are lots of useful pockets inside.

The other project I took camping was my Rhapsody Hat.  As I planned, I ripped back to the start of the chart and increased 12 stitches (one repeat's worth) around the brim, then re-knit the chart.  This seems to have accomplished my aim of having a snug brim but not over-stretching the fair isle pattern.  Now I need to repeat the chart a second time before I can start decreasing for the crown.

We're off to the garden centre now, to get some belated bedding for our baskets and pots.  It was too cold in early May when I would usually have done it.  And now it's really hot so I hope the garden centre has shading.


swooze said...

Busy lady. Love everything you have done. The sewing basket turned out so well.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

We tried camping a couple of weekends ago and although I was roasting by day I was freezing by night! I ended up going for a shower at 5 am just to warm up!

Yep, you got to love the UK weather.

Mizmiffy said...

I love the bag! I think it looks beautiful!

Quilter Kathy said...

What a very cool sewing basket!

Daisy said...

Ooh which garden centre? I've only been to the Notcutts one around here so far!

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