Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hot in the city

They were predicting it would reach 32 degrees C today, but thankfully there is a breeze and it doesn't feel too bad.  It certainly felt like 32 degrees in London Waterloo station yesterday evening - it has a glass roof so functions as a giant greenhouse, with the additional heat of hundreds of bodies waiting for their trains.  I feel sorry for all the men in their business suits.  I was in a sleeveless shift dress with sandals and I still felt overdressed and definitely over hot.

Today was my sewing group again and we weren't too badly off in our church hall, we kept one door open for air and I brought a fan.  I was working on the Disappearing Four-Patches, and finished cutting and sewing the rest of the blocks.  I had time for a quick play and I think I am just going to keep it simple and sew them directly together in a normal horizontal layout.  I had been toying with putting them on point, but I think they look just as effective square on.  I may try to finish this quickly to give to my boss for her birthday at the end of the month.  Not promising anything though with my record on sewing the past few years.  And it just shows how much this new job is in an entirely different universe that I would even contemplate giving my boss a present, much less something I laboured on myself.  She likes bright colours so hopefully she would like this busy Mary Engelbreit fabric.

And what have I been making in this hot weather?  A woolly hat!  Yes, I finished the Rhapsody Hat, or at least, my version of it in DK weight yarn.  I found I could only do one repeat of the chart, then moved into the crown decrease chart.  I had to add in a few extra rows to the chart to allow for my big head, but I am fairly pleased with the end result.  It will be a nice hat for transitional weather in the autumn/spring. This was Patons Diploma Gold wool blend.

I did do a bit of hand applique one night this week, working on another block for the world's-longest-ever-applique-project, my 25 block Applique Quilt from a book called Grandmother's Last Quilt (or something like that).  This is about block 14 and I am just stitching the centre rose with needleturn applique.  I originally thought I would do two blocks a month and be done in a year.  HA HA HA HA HA HA

I finished the first tension sample for the Eyelet Jumper from Bergere de France, using 3mm needles and Coton Mercerise.  Not only did it come out too tight, as you can see I completely mucked up the lace pattern.  I was using some magnets that MizMiffy gave me to mark the chart row and I think they must have got jostled because I obvious knit completely the wrong rows for a while.  Now I am using a row counter as a backup for the magnets and I have started a new tension sample with 3.5mm needles.  Although a looser fabric, it still doesn't look like it is going to be anywhere near the correct gauge of 27stitches to four inches...I'm so confused.  Maybe there is errata for the pattern, must go and look on Ravelry.  Maybe it will be different when it is blocked (and how many knitters have uttered that plaintive cry?).  I became so exasperated with my cable needle falling out that I grabbed some sandpaper and really roughed up one end (it's plastic).  It works much better now.

I'm almost finished another woolly hat (yes, apparently I am insane.  maybe the heat has driven me mad?) that used to be my stressbuster knitting at my old job.  When things got too much, I would grab it out of my drawer (carefully camouflaged in a mailing envelope) and walk off purposefully, then go and hide in the bathroom on another floor and have 20 minutes of sanity.  It is a Cherry Tree Hill pattern for a diagonal lace hat that I am knitting in two colours of Koigu, and I am just decreasing for the crown.  Soon I will have not one but two woolly hats to protect my head from the 32 degree sunshine!  I need a new portable knitting project now that I've finished the Pi Shawl.  The Broken Rib sock is still underway but so boring that I want to eat my needles just for variety.  And I will need a streetcred portable project to take to Scotland next month for Knit Camp, something impressive but at the same time simple enough that I won't screw it up while knitting in public.


Teresa said...

Its a beautiful quilt block - keep it up, the end is in sight.

Daisy said...

Have you checked with the men in your life about the magnets? I've found from bitter experience that men like moving magnets on charts and also pressing the button on those kacha kacha row counters!

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