Friday, 2 July 2010

It's too hot...

It is far too hot for my liking lately, and today is just downright muggy.  I have reluctantly decided to forego my trips to my local knitting group for the summer, as it takes me two trains, 25 mins in two parts of walking and about 95 minutes in total to get there after work.  I was arriving hot, bothered and quite grumpy, so it isn't really worth it in this heat (obviously I am not a truly dedicated knitter).  My fallback plan was to return to Thursday nights at I-Knit London, but last night it was so hot at I-knit as well, even with the door open.  Perhaps I will just be an isolated hermit knitter for the summer. I did get to see my lovely local group on Sunday, dragging my m-i-l along as well as she had come up for DS's school concert.  She enjoyed it apart from the very noisy World Cup on the television which made it hard for all of us to hear each other.

Here are some pics of the blocked and finished Clapotis.  I am surprised at how crisp and flat it came out.  I have actually worn it out a few times to protect against the car aircon, it feels dry and cool against the skin.  It's like wearing a cool cotton cardigan. It feels surprisingly comforting and the memory of the knitting pain is fading.

I am still soldiering on with my tension swatch for the Bergere de France Eyelet Jumper, although beginning to feel daunted about the prospect of an entire jumper with these darned slippery cables.  At I-Knit I was working on my Lace Hat and the Broken Rib Socks, and virtuously drinking lemonade after the whole drunken Clapotis disaster of a few weeks ago.

I spent much time this week going all OCD over my loose knitting patterns.  I had about a 12 inch high stack of patterns, ripped out of various magazines for the most part.  I worked through the entire stack and catalogued it all by yarn weight, using Ravelry to identify the yarn weight and also to obtain the tension information.  Then I filed them all into plastic pouches by weight.  So next time I want to make something with DK yarn, I can just open up the DK pouch and see what I've got.  This still doesn't solve the issue of patterns contained within books, and also is only going to work if I continue to catalogue future ripped out patterns.  But I feel good, and my inner-Librarian is satisfied.

The John Lewis (department store) yarn sale started on Saturday, so I hit that Monday after work.  I was purposefully targetting DK weight yarns as I have several Aran yarns from last year's sale.  I came away with a sweater's worth of Sublime Organic Cotton DK in soft pink, Rowan Purelife Organic Wool in a berry shade, and RC Extra Fine Merino DK in a denim blue.  I flirted with a few more in the sale, but decided that I already have enough stash to start my own small yarn store. I really need to stop buying, and start knitting.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Stop buying and start knitting?! What's that. Know what you mean about the heat, it's been horrendous the last few weeks.

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