Monday, 30 August 2010

And at last, sunshine!

We decided to risk a few more camping nights, departing on pure faith as it was still raining after a miserable rainy week.  And the sun came out!  It was still fairly windy at times, but we had lovely sunny skies so it felt really worthwhile to be away for the last weekend of the summer holidays.  But it was sure cold at night - this morning our breath was showing clearly in the air, and even by 10am it had only warmed up to 13 degrees C.  We haven't had much of a summer, and now it's gone.  We were in Romsey, where there is this lovely old abbey dating from 970AD. I did find a small quilting shop opposite Bradbeer's department store, but they didn't have anything on sale and I can't bring myself to pay full UK prices unless I am desperate for something.  Bradbeer's itself had a small yarn department, mostly Sirdar and Paton's, and I picked up six zippers on sale for 50p each.

Today (Bank Holiday Monday) we went to  a boot sale (like a flea market) where I managed to pick up two dollshouse books for 50p each, and also this really cute plastic watering can house.  I've googled, and apparently it is Forget-me-not Cottage, home of Fifi from a children's tv show I've never heard of.  But it is about the size of a real watering can, and I think could accommodate some 1/24 or 1/16 dollshouse furniture.

Sunday afternoon when we were just lazing around the campsite, I finished the applique on this block from my 25-block Applique Quilt, by sewing on all the flower centres.  I think this is block 14, so I still have a long way to go.

Remember how annoyed I was getting with my hand-dyed sock blank?  Well, last week I reached breaking point and gave up, pulled out the entire blank, wound it into a skein and washed it.  I thought I had securely tied the skein in three different places.  Judging by the yarn vomit I ended up with, my confidence was misplaced. At this point I had left the part-knitted socks on the cable, and carefully washed them without getting the needles wet.  Washing did not improve the wonky stitching at all.  So once this mess of yarn had dried, I unravelled the socks, untangled the yarn vomit, wound the whole thing AGAIN and washed it again.  It has now dried straight and I just need to rewind it in to a ball.  And start over.  Again. (knitting is fun, knitting is fun, knitting is fun...)

In a similar vein, I was knitting away on my Bergere de France Eyelet Jumper while sitting in our awning, feeling quite pleased at how nice it was looking now that I had got about 4 inches of the lace knit.  Previously, I had lost confidence as the lace on the needle seemed to stretch far too wide and I thought it was going to be too big.  So last week I washed it as well on the needles, and blocked it a little, and it came out exactly the right width.  Anyway, so I was admiring it in the awning, when it occurred to me that it didn't look like the pattern picture.  With a sinking feeling, I re-examined the pattern instructions, and eventually discovered that I had omitted to read one pattern line: "knit 16 rows in 2 strands of  Absinthe"  So my striping sequence was 16 rows out.  So I had to pull back to where the blue stripe starts in the picture (and I had knit at least twice as much as this).  (knitting is fun, knitting is fun, knitting is fun, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr).

DS heads back to school this week so we will be moving back into our normal routine. DS is now slightly anxious that my dollshouse will still be under construction on the dining table when his French exchange partner comes to visit in November.  I reassured him that it isn't very likely, and we could always tell the French person that it is a quaint British tradition.


swooze said...

Knitting is FUN!! LOL!

Lydia Jensen said...

I love your applique! And your new doll house!

Daisy said...

Yes, knitting IS fun! Really. Honestly.

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