Monday, 9 August 2010

Knit Camp - Day One

I'm here!  and they have free internet!  It's mid afternoon, I flew from Heathrow to Edinburgh this morning, then got the train to Stirling where I met another knitter at the station and we got the bus to the campus.  All very easy although tedious.  Having read all the hysterical meltdowns happening on the Ravelry Knit Camp threads about cancellations and deported teachers, I felt a bit worried, but I have to say that so far it has been well organised.  I walked in the door, was immediately shown to my room in the same building, then came back down and was handed my Welcome Pack.  I checked through that, and everything is in order. 

So now I'm having an explore until the Clapo-teaparty in an hour and a half.  And I am pleased to report that I have a completed Knit Camp Vest in my suitcase.  I wimped out of the corrugated ribbing on the bottom band and just did horizontal stripes, because my hands were getting so tired. Then I did a final block overnight and packed it this morning. I may unpick the bottom band and change it later.  My wrist is still quite tired and RSI-ish today, so I haven't done much knitting.  Hopefully it will calm down.  I don't think I've ever put in so many hours of knitting in such a short time.  But the vest fits and looks pretty good, so I'm pleased. It's fairly warm here, so I'm not wearing it yet.  It felt good to do some machine knitting again, I used to really enjoy it but haven't done much at all for about 7 years, ever since we moved house.


swooze said...

Sounds like a fun time. I look forward to all the reports and pics of course!

PatMS said...

I saw you in your vest, I did, and I admired it and we talked about punching the card. (I'm the one with the pink hair.)

It looks terrific and fits beautifully. Admire, admire.

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