Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Knit Camp - Day Two

I thought I had over-packed, but we have had every kind of weather today from torrential rain through to the current baking sun.  This morning when it was chilly and damp, I was able to wear my Knit Camp vest to breakfast.  On the way I was stopped by a delighted Ann Kingstone, the vest's designer, who said I was the first person she had seen wearing it.  She complimented me on my version, and I complimented her on the design.  Several other people commented on it as well (mostly repeating a version of "I cast on and knit 1.5 rounds...") so I sat down with one of these friendly knitters to eat my breakfast.  After we had chatted for quite a while, I finally read her nametag and realised it was Nic, who does the podcast Yarns from the Plain. Which I have actually listened to.  I was just recovering from this brush with fame when Woolly Wormhead came and sat down with us as well, and I ended up swapping camping stories as she lives in a converted bus.

Anyway, enough namedropping, you want to know how knit camp is going.  Well, it is bizarre because there is the Knit Camp that is happening on Ravelry, which seems to be a camp of hysterical disappointed people (many of whom are not actually here).  And then there is the Knit Camp that I am actually attending, which is friendly and in lovely surroundings, and lots of knitting going on.  Yes, the organisers have had some challenges, and last night at the Clapo-teaparty, instead of having a Q&A, we actually had Jo (the main organiser) telling us that the next day's classes with overseas teachers would have to be rescheduled.  Then this morning, many of us gathered at 07:30am where Jo announced which classes were affected and when they have been rescheduled for.  I am lucky as it barely affects me.  I had one lecture this morning with Nora Gaughan, which I was mainly taking to just see her, and I was planning on spending the afternoon in Stirling anyway.  So I spent the day in Stirling, and have just collected my lecture refund from Jo just now.  The rest of the week is back on schedule as the immigration business for the teachers is now all sorted.  So it is mainly a problem for people who now have a conflict between a rescheduled class and a previously booked class - which isn't me.

The Clapo-teaparty was otherwise fine, like a giant knitting group.  The bar was open, although understaffed so the queue was very slow, and there was a presentation of a small thank you knitted blanket to Jo and a big thank you card.  And there were pastries. I had several nice chats with other knitters, including two local ladies who told me how to find the Matcha Patch quilting shop in Stirling Enterprise Park, and the McAree Brothers beads, yarn and craft shop.  I also fell into conversation with Jane Galbraith, a Rowan design consultant, and her friend Peta from Skye, and we ended up going to KFC for dinner together where we all raised a glass to Elizabeth Zimmerman for her hundredth birthday.

Today, after the morning gathering and then breakfast in my vest, I headed into Stirling where I spent most of the day putting on and taking off layers as the weather changed dramatically every 30 minutes.  The MatchaPatch store turned out to be quite a nice little quilt store, and they were having a sale so I picked up some great sunflower fabric and a few other half yards of this and that.  I toured the Thistles shopping centre during one of the torrential downpours, and found some of the tiny hair elastics at Claire's Accessories (100 for £2.50) which another knitter had discovered make great stitch markers.  I am always losing stitchmarkers so this will be a good resource for me.  Then I hit McAree where I fondled lots of yarn (Patons, Sirdar, Rowan, lots of buttons, beads, etc.).  Then I did the touristy bits like admiring Scottish houses near King's Park, viewing The Story of Stirling at the Smith Art Gallery, walking up the hill to the castle (didn't actually go inside) and admiring the various old town buildings etc.  Oh, and I found a sweet shop in the old fashioned shopping arcade, which of course I had to sample in the interests of science - to see if Scottish pic'n'mix differs from English pic'n'mix.

Then back to the University to my room to get changed as it is now roasting hot outside, then over to Yarn Camp office for my refund and to fondle lots of yarn at the Yarn Gathering stall (arranged by colour, and yummy) and on the Jamieson & Smith stand (bought a fair isle 'finger' gadget that lets you strand more than one colour of yarn, and a shade card).  And now I'm here on the free internet.  Tonight is the pub quiz - I am ignorant and know no facts at all, but I will likely go along to cheer - and drink of course...


swooze said...

We want pictures!

Heathwitch said...

The reason there's so many hysterical people on Ravelry is that we haven't been told ANYTHING about what's going on. You say you're having a great time and are being kept in the loop -- and that's great -- but everyone on Ravelry who had day tickets and classes booked are still very firmly in the dark, and Jo seems to be refusing to acknowledge our presence. :-(

I hope you have a great time at KnitCamp, and that you get everything you want from it (and much more besides). I, like many others, shall have to experience it through your blog and many others'.

Have a great time!

Daisy said...

So does Scottish pic'n mix differ from English?!

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