Sunday, 15 August 2010

Knit Camp - the pictures (at last)

I'm home, after a long day of slogging travel.  Travel just is not fun any more, you are just one more cow in the endless cattle trudge onto the train/off the train, ditto bus, ditto check-in at airport, flight delays, passengers who hog the armrest so you have to sit twisted the whole time.  But the airline took my suitcase ok, it wasn't overweight despite the yarn goodies inside, and they gave it back to me ok at the other end.  I even brought home my University of Stirling mug. And I did some more knitting on my Haapsalu shawl on the plane with wooden needles.

The loch on campus, with swans, and my residence in the distance.

Jo (centre) at the Clapo-teaparty, telling us about the tutors having to leave the country, and the ensuing cancellations

The Rocky Mountain sock yarn I received in the yarn swap - isn't it lovely!

Stirling castle from behind

The fabric I bought at Matcha Patcha in Stirling

Debbie Tomkies (left) and our dyeing workshop table

My two practice skeins, and my finished sock blank

Part of New Lanark Mill, with waterfall at far left (taken from the hill up to the car park)

The DK wool I bought at New Lanark - colourway 'Iris', £1.95 a ball!

The lumpy results of my first ever attempt at spinning, and behind it, the coloured roving that Jon gave us for practicing with.

The garter stitch lace edging on the 2x2 ribbed doll-sized shrug from my disappointing Vintage Knits class (two hours of my life wasted)

Excited knit campers boarding the boat for our cruise on Loch Katrine

Heading out onto the beautiful loch, while our captain does a commentary.  This was the top deck, you could sit indoors on the lower deck if you wanted to.

Jared Flood holds up the Girasole blanket in our workshop.

Another view on campus - this is the crag behind the campus.

Airthrey Castle on the campus

The band at the Ceilidh

Jo (left) preparing to introduce the Ethnic Lace panel.  (l-r) Liz Lovick, Nancy Bush, Donna Druchunas

Nancy Bush holding up a shawl she bought in Estonia

One of Nancy's Estonian lace samples, showing the nupps, with my surprisingly grubby finger in the picture for scale.

The Guinness World Record attempt, with Miriam Tegals in left foreground (who holds the GWR for fastest knitting), and Ann Kingstone (the Knit Camp vest designer) on the left spinning wheel.

A portion of the luminary panel.  Debbie Stoller is out of picture to the left, then l-r, Liz Lovick, Deb Thomas, Nora Gaughan, Annie Modesit in her knitted helmet, Woolly Wormhead, Jared Flood, Nancy Bush hidden from view, and Lucy Neatby.  As you can see, most of them brought their knitting and worked on it during the panel.

These bunnies were everywhere on campus, and quite unafraid of humans

A view from the bridge across the campus loch.  I crossed this bridge several times a day, going between the residences and the classrooms/dining hall/ computer lab etc., and the views were always stunning.


soCherry said...

thank you for your lovely posts all week - i enjoyed myself loads, but didn't update my blog or take any photos - which I'm regretting now!

Daisy said...

It looks beautiful! What a lovely location.

wiwiana said...

I really enjoyed reading all your Knit Camp posts. I've heard some negative feedbacks about the event, but I can see from your posts that you've enjoyed yourself very much too. Thanks for sharing it with us, and the photos are beautiful!

Liz said...

Great pictures! I'm still blogging Camp... well done on getting all the stuff out there so quickly!

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