Thursday, 26 August 2010

Stupid questions I've been asked while knitting

I am used to being asked if I am 'crocheting', when I knit in public.  For some reason, that word seems to spring more readily to mind amongst non-knitters. And I've had all the usual questions about 'how do I have the patience' and 'can't you just buy that at the store'.

But  an elderly work colleague who at least knew what knitting was, has just really stumped me.  He came up to me in the break room, where I was knitting the fourth finger on my Sanquhar glove , and asked me, wait for it..., if. I. had. knit. it. all. myself.  I was so astounded I had to ask him to repeat himself, because I thought I had misheard. But I was right the first time.

Does he think that you can buy fair isle gloves partially knit, with the needles threaded through waiting to go?  (I suppose it would be like those tapestry cushions where they've already stitched the middle and you just have to finish off the background). Or maybe he thought that someone else had knit all the hard part and I was just finishing off the final finger.

I hardly knew what to say, so I just smiled and confirmed that I had.  Then he informed me that you never see people knitting anymore.  I decided against trying to explain Ravelry, or Knit Camp, and just smiled and agreed.  Then he went away, and I kept knitting.


Anonymous said...

A friend and I went to an outdoor movie the other night with our knitting and knit until the sun went down and the movie started. A woman in front of us stared and stared and then said almost the same thing : Nobody knits anymore. I did try to explain but I don't think it sunk in and she looked at us like we were not all there. I think I'm going to prepare some stock phrases to give out when people make comments.

swooze said...

Takes all kinds!

Daisy said...

That is too funny. And also a bit disturbing!

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