Sunday, 5 September 2010

Getting back on track

I spent most of yesterday tidying up the debris from August.  I still had ironing and laundry waiting to be put away from Knit Camp / camping in damp Wales / Bank Holiday camping, not to mention suitcases, camping gear, yarn purchases etc.  I am feeling a bit more organised now although I am still dealing with bills and filing paperwork etc. following the archaeological expedition to locate the surface of my desk underneath the piles of paper that had built up.

I did actually get some sewing done, although it started unpromisingly with mending the mysterious four-inch tear under my son's school shirt underarm, and sewing a patch over the rip on one of our folding camping chairs.  But then I did get to piece together a backing for my Garden BOM Quilt.  I am still using up the unwanted fat quarters from my big purge a few years ago, so I pieced several of those together, and threw in a bunch of fabric left over from making the quilt, plus a surplus block from my Disappearing 4-patch quilt, and even some mountain panels I bought at the Stitching Post in Sisters, Oregon. I like a busy back on a quilt, it's like a surprise when you turn the quilt over.

Thursday night I made it to the knitting group at I-knit for a little while, and started knitting the thumb on my Sanquhar Glove.  I had previously finished the fourth finger in the week.  I had to re-knit the spotty top decrease section several times to get the right length.  Stupidly I was trying to do the final bit on the train coming home after work, jiggling about with all the movement, and trying to keep my metal dpn needles from falling out of the few stitches.   It was like some sort of fiendish hand/eye coordination test (now thread this narrow needle through the tiny constantly-moving loop...). I had to give up and finish it at home but at least I didn't lose any needles on the floor of the train (been there, done that...).  I've now received my order of some special short glove needles in 1.5mm size, from Brownberry Yarns, which should make it easier to knit the fingers on the next glove.

It's turned colder here now, like a switch was thrown on the 1st of September ("That's it, folks!  Summer's finished.  CLICK.")  So I wore my Knit Camp Vest when I went to the Epsom Dollshouse Fair today, and I got DH to take a few pics of the finished vest.  Finally.  I didn't have time to take any pics before going to Stirling because it was still drying overnight before I left and was the last thing to go into my suitcase.  As you can see, I didn't do the corrugated ribbing on the bottom band because I ran out of time / finger stamina, but I think I might just leave it the way it is.  It is a bit more flattering and subtle for my tubby middle.  Actually, I love this vest because the dark middle sheepy stripe contrasting with the lighter, yarn ball stripe, makes me look like I actually have a WAIST.  Which is definitely not the case.

On the machine knitting front, I rescued the Tuck Stitch Blanket that I had to quickly finish up prior to knitting the Knit Camp Vest so that I could use the same machine (Brother 881 standard gauge). This is the free pattern from the internet from which I knit a small sample  earlier. This time I knit the largest size, which is almost the full width of the machine, using 4-ply acrylic from a cone.  I unpicked the waste yarn/ravel cord and darned in the ends.  Then I hand-washed it, then blocked it by throwing it into the tumbledryer until it relaxed and expanded, then finished drying it outside. It's finished up at c. 36" x 55".  I'm going to give it to my Japanese yoga instructor who is having a baby soon.  I was a bit worried that white might not be an appropriate baby colour in Japan but when I googled, I found white Japanese baby clothes, so hopefully it will be ok.

I enjoyed looking around the Epsom fair, and bought some wood sticks and cornicing for my Fairfield dollshouse that I am still building on my dining table. I also picked up this game pie (pictured on the steps of my Fairfield) for my Rik Pierce-style Gamekeeper's Cottage.  For non-dollshousers, it's about the size of a marble.

With the colder weather, I felt moved to work on my Freedom Wool Sleeveless Vest in  DK wool.  I spent ages in the spring getting a rib that I was happy with, and that fit me, then kind of stalled out when the hot weather arrived.  It was fun to pick it back up again.  You can just see the beginnings of the central cable panel starting to emerge.

DS is back in school now, and we are sliding back into our normal routine term-time routine. I get a treat next week because it will be our 20th wedding anniversary (god, how did that happen?) and DH is coming up to London to take me out to lunch from work.  I thought the 20th anniversary was something boring like cardboard, or tin, but apparently it is china.  China is fine, but why isn't there a 'yarn' anniversary? Or a 'quilt' anniversary?  I think someone needs to make a new list that fits better with our 21st C pastimes.  :)

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Denise said...

Yes I agree on the yarn and quilt anniversaries! Your vest is lovely by the way. You have much more patience than I do. I cant imagine knitting such an intricate pattern for gloves. Are you going to have two? ;) Cause one would be enough for me just to frame and put on the wall lol. Hope you have a lovely Labor Day!

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