Thursday, 7 October 2010

Weird knitting physics

On the train this morning, I pulled out my sock to do a bit more knitting. I felt a happy sense of anticipation as I unrolled the sock and reached for my working needle.

Only it wasn’t there. Instantly there was that horrible feeling of a treat snatched at the last moment, the kind you get when you realise you’ve run out of yarn, haven’t brought the chart, lost your pattern or (and I did this once) forgotten your needles altogether.

As best I could in the crowded conditions, I searched my person, my knitting sack, and my knapsack. No needle.

I knew the last time I had been knitting was in the break room at work, so as soon as I could, I headed up there and had a good look but no luck. I also searched my desk drawer where I keep my bag. No needle.

Resigning myself to no knitting that day, I gave up.

At lunchtime, I picked up my lightweight autumn coat and was pretty astounded to see the missing fourth needle suspended from the coat’s lining, its wooden tip tucked into a seam by a scant ½ inch.

I say astounded, because if this needle fell into my coat on the train, it then managed to hang there suspended while I went to two different shops in the station to get a farewell card, gift bag and gift, while I walked to the next station, while I took my second train across to the third station, and a 10 minute walk to work.

Weird knitting physics, I thank you. And I got to do some knitting in the sunshine in the park at lunchtime after all.


loulee said...

The knitting goddess/ fairy was watching over you this morning. Now send her my way please, I spent most of the day frogging!

Tamera said...

That was a great story! The knitting gods were definitely with you today. :-)

Anonymous said...

I 3rd those comments. I have lots of DPNs and carry an extra so I have one if I lose one. I buy them by the fistful at the Salvation Army. I must have over 20 2,5mm DPNs in metal. Noone wants them anymore and some of them are well over 30 years old but they're perfect. I don't think modern needles will last as long.

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