Sunday, 21 November 2010

Au Revoir to the FK

Saturday morning we breathed a huge sigh of relief as we said Au Revoir to our French Kid (FK) from Marseilles. Apart from the inconvenience of having a stranger in the house all week (having to hide the clutter, having to serve proper meals at regular times, not being able to undertake our normal activities), we managed to actually  lose him twice, so it was all rather stressful.  He was a sweet kid, with lovely manners, but spoke virtually no English and evidently had no wish to learn any more, as he spent most of the week hiding in his room.  He would show up to silently eat breakfast, and supper, and the rest of the time we never saw him.  I did try a few times to get him to come out and watch television or play video games, but he always refused - very politely of course.  The first time we lost him, he had asked if he could attend a birthday party for another of the French exchange students.  We said he could as long as we knew where it was - both so that we knew where he was and also to be able to pick him up.  He went off anyway without providing an address, despite us trying to contact him several times by phone.  So I get home from work, and DS is there but no FK.  In the end I had to call our teacher emergency contact and explain the situation, and provide our only crumb of information which was the christian name of the English party host.  Our teacher had to contact their teacher etc. etc.  And meanwhile, as we are waiting for information, who should call but FK's mother, from France!!  She didn't speak much English, and I sure couldn't think that telling her we had lost her son was a good idea.  So I asked her to call back later.  Eventually the other teacher called back with an address, so my husband could go and pick him up.  FK was completely oblivious, he probably thought it was the plan all along, although god knows how he thought we were going to retrieve him.  ESP?  He disappeared again at a school awards evening, we turned our back for one second as we were filing into our seats, and he was gone again for the rest of the evening.  Predictably for a teenage boy, we found him afterwards near the refreshments.

So today has been a happy day, as we retrieve our clutter from its hiding places and once again take up our hobbies and normal lifestyle.

This week I finished and blocked the Hand-Dyed Sock Blank socks.  They fit fine and I am pleased with the colours.  Because of the problems with snarling and having to re-wind the yarn so many times, I'm not sure that the socks bear much resemblance to my original blank.  You can perhaps make out some diagonal lines of colour on the socks.

I finished knitting the body of my Freedom Wool Cable vest and blocked it prior to picking up for the bands.

I also finished knitting the front of my machine knit Sock Wool Vest and blocked that. This was after I adjusted the pattern to reflect the tension achieved on the back (which came out too big, despite having done a tension swatch on my Brother 881 machine).

Saturday was my quilting club day.  As well as making a start on my next applique block, I pieced a random strip 'jungle' border for my Hawaiian memory quilt.  I think I may need to add some fused detail to interrupt the straight line a little. I asked my little sewing group for their opinions on how to treat the edge of this quilt.  Some thought I should add a definite border, like a picture frame, around the entire quilt - perhaps in green, or in blue.  Others thought that a straight border in blue across the top edge would set off the straight jungle border, and be sufficient to frame it.  What do you think? This will be a wallhanging.


Samantha said...


This post made me laugh but also quite angry on your behalf to the FK. He must be a right pain back home.

Thanks for the blogger info, I don't know if I had updated yet? I know it's free but it's such an ugly interface to create upon.

I have started a new job now, in Surrey, and have Wed eves off so I knit London shall call to me once again!

I see you have been busy with fun coloured kints! :)

Samantha (marthaamay)

Daisy said...

That sounds like a LOT of hard work!

Denise said...

Wouldnt a wave border on the wall hanging be nice. Of course I couldnt do it but you are much more advanced than me and it would make it look like the middle was an island. Made me want to start sewing, if my machine was working to the doc for a check up in a couple of weeks. Maybe he can figure out what's wrong with it. Maybe just a good cleaning would put it right. Hasnt been looked at ever since I bought it new in 1996.

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