Saturday, 27 November 2010

Getting back to normal

It's felt more like getting back to normal this week.  No FK to worry about, no parents' evenings at the school to go to (yay!), and work hasn't been too busy. One minor bombshell Thursday night when DS suddenly discovered that there is a deadline of 16 December to have located a work placement and to register it with the school - we thought we had until next summer to find one.  Not too much we can do about it now, except nag him to get looking.  I've even been able to work on my dollshouse in the evenings, although I am now set up on a tiny little workstation in my bedroom which is so NOT ergonomic.  I keep knocking things onto the floor when I reach for something else.

I haven't done any sewing but I have plugged on with the knitting.  I have a pleasant sense of finishing stuff off recently, and I remarked to DH that I will need to start some new projects.  This provoked an incredulous reponse which involved references to my new knit tidy full of project bags.  I had to explain about the need for projects that meet different requirements.  Currently I only have one portable project left, which is the Sanquhar gloves.  I was working on them today while enjoying a lovely cup of tea at a fellow knitter's house.  Six of us from our local knitting group descended on The Pincushion yarn shop in Windsor and had a good rummage, before retiring to her house for refreshments.  I picked up some DK yarn for a xmas tree tea cosy I want to have a go at, plus some chunky striped yarn which I think I will use for fingerless mittens.

I have knit two of the bands onto my Freedom wool cable vest, using the same twisted rib as the bottom band.  Just one more band to go! I've tried it on and it fits well and looks pretty good.

I finally finished the Broken Rib socks from the Little Box of Sock Patterns, knit in Tofutti yarn which is actually more pastel than it looks in the picture.  They are still wet in the picture which is making the colours look more vivid than they really are.  For some reason I found the broken rib pattern really tedious to knit.  It is two rows of 1x1 rib, 2 rows of stockinette, then two rows of 1x1 but staggered one stitch from the previous rib row.  They look nice now they are done.  The broken rib is actually quite stretchy, so really I could have knit these a bit smaller as they are a bit loose on my leg.

I'm almost finished the construction phase of my Fairfield dollshouse also.  Really there is just the landscaping to do, and then it will just be a case of furnishing and decorating the rooms.  That's taken six months because I can only work on it occasionally during the week.

It's turned incredibly cold here in the UK, even in London where I am.  It's been about 6 degrees C the last few days, a good reason to wrap up warm in hand knitted mittens and lots of scarves.  I'm also wearing my legwarmers from Sally Melville's Knit Stitch book, in Cascade 220, every day to work to combat icy chills up my ankles.  They are predicting it will get worse this coming week and we might even have snow, which used to be pretty unusual down south here.

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