Saturday, 6 November 2010

Remember Remember

Happy Bonfire Night if you are in the UK.  We had supper early and went out to take in a few of the local school fireworks displays. We ended up standing directly underneath one display because we parked in a car park behind where the display was being set off. Which was spectacular as it exploded over our heads for 15 minutes, but started to feel a bit dangerous when a few burning embers crashed down only 10 feet or so from us.   Very exciting though, you don't normally get to stand so close to fireworks [because it's not safe, duh...] It's so dark in the evenings now that the clocks have gone back.  My walk from work is suddenly through darkened  streets lit by streetlights and headlights.

Due to a parents' evening at school, and being tired from the time change, there hasn't been a lot of crafting this week.  I did make it to I-Knit one evening, where I was knitting on my Sanquhar Glove and on my Sock blank socks.  I am finally almost finished the socks, just need to do the toes and then the entire not-very-enjoyable experience will be over.

I haven't conquered the Startitis yet, and this week have made a start on my Johnny Rotten Mittens, a kit from Skein Queen which was one of last year's Christmas presents.  It has the most gorgeous hand knit yarn in the kit, really squishy and soft and luscious.  You have to strand three colours at a time to do the Union Jack design.  I experimented with my finger clip for a while, that holds three strands at once on the index finger, but I found the yarns kept getting twisted oddly because of having to catch in the other two colours on the back. Plus it was hard to strand loosely.  I've gone back to just picking up the colour I need and dropping the other two.

I've done some work on my Hawaiian memory quilt, running a border of exotic blooms up one side.  I cut out and fused on several blooms to blur the join between the ocean and the flowers.  It's been fun making this because it brings back so many memories of our lovely holiday.

I'm getting ready for the 15th block of my Grandmother's Last Quilt 25-block applique quilt.  I laid out the other 14 blocks on my bed, to see what fabrics I had used so that I could select the best fabrics to use for the new block.  This quilt is all in reproduction bubblegum pinks and acid greens.  I quite like doing needleturn applique when I'm actually doing it, but I find the long preparation process very tedious:  making templates, making bias stems, tracing templates onto fabric, cutting out, pinning into exact position on the block, and then FINALLY you get to do some sewing.

Tomorrow we have to tidy up the house in preparation for my son's French exchange partner, arriving from Marseilles next Friday.  I'll have to move the dollshouse construction project out of the kitchen, sadly, to make more room for having a fourth person at the dinner table.  I've also done a load of cooking today, to get some prepared meals into the freezer so that our guest doesn't have to subjected to our usual erratic meal provision (which is highly subject to how tired I am after work plus how distracted I am by craft projects).


Denise said...

Love your Hawaian quilt cant wait to see what it looks like in the final version! The appliqued quilt blocks look fabulous too!

Quilter Kathy said...

Stopped by to see what you are up to. You have been busy!

Daisy said...

I'd wondered how you fitted meals in with crafting! ;-) I do lots of shoving things in the freezer...

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