Sunday, 12 December 2010

Downhill to Christmas

I feel like Christmas is rushing at me, like I'm hurtling downhill on a rollercoaster, yet I don't feel ready yet.  Not ready as in the sense of being prepared (although I'm not prepared either) but just not ready emotionally.  I feel like I am mentally still stuck in Autumn, and it almost seems absurd to see all the christmas lights going up on shops and houses, all the christmas ads on tv etc. Despite this reluctance, I've now had two christmas parties (one at my husband's office last week, and my team lunch this past Friday) and another one coming up this coming Friday (for my office).  Cards are starting to arrive, I've posted most of mine, and we went out to get a tree Friday night.  I suppose I will catch up eventually - it feels like the older I get, the slower I am at accepting change.

I have made a small christmas list, including useful items such as Steam a Seam 2, and small extravagances such as Roxanne's Applique/basting glue.  Even a hopeful item: new sponge bars for my knitting machines (which sorely need them) but I doubt I will get those. I've already efficiently bought myself some perfume, for my DH to give to me  :)

Meanwhile this week, in between gallivanting around parties (and nursing small hangovers the next day), I have done a few things.

I've decided the 'jungle' border on my Hawaiian memory quilt is too harsh, so I've rough cut out several palm trees and pinned them on.  I think that softens it, so I will trim around them and fuse them on.

I've continued to knit on my Jaeger Natural Fleece Yoked Cardigan, I've done the body up to the armpits and have started on one sleeve.

I needed a new portable project to take on my team away-day (actually Monday/Tuesday with one night in a hotel) earlier this week.  I decided to go for Annemor 12 gloves from the Selbuvotter book.  Instead of the traditional black design on white background, I've gone for a white design on a sky blue Jamieson & Smith jumper weight wool, because I had some in my stash.  It looks sort of Wedgewood, very pretty.  This is a poor picture because the colour looks purple when in fact it is a lovely sky blue.  Needless to say, I was the only person on the away-day that was knitting during breaks and in the bar in the evening, but it was a great de-stresser and boredom combatter (if only I could have knit during the presentations!). We had a tour of the house and when the guide arrived, he caught sight of me and told the group: "well! I've never had a delegate knitting before" but I don't think he minded.

I've also started a Christmas Tree tea cosy.  I spotted this cute design in a knitting magazine, offered as a kit by Laughing Hens. They don't offer the pattern separately, but I decided to have a go at making up something similar myself.  I am short-rowing the peaks, with varying degrees of success.  I've managed to work out how to do it without holes (eventually) but they don't look as sharp as the ones in the picture.  DH says it looks more like a green hedgehog at the moment.

It's warmed up here a bit, up to 8 degrees C yesterday, but they say more bitter cold weather is coming later this week.  Only two more weeks of work and then my office closes for the holidays between Christmas and New Year - yippee!!!!!!!!

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