Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy new year, and hopefully a healthy one too

My cold got a lot worse before it has finally started to feel a bit better, just today.  Yes, I've been sick all week and managed to blow my way through an entire box of tissues, and I've had a few rough nights.  Please can someone find a cure for the common cold...  Not the way I had planned to spend my holiday.

In between naps, and lying feebly on the sofa, I did manage to finish my first Johnny Rotten mitten.  The kit was actually a christmas present from last year, so I suppose it is appropriate that I am working on them this festive season.  I had some trouble stranding three colours at once, the stitches don't lie as flat over three strands as they would over two strands.  These should be fairly warm though, with three strands padding out the mitten.  Hopefully when I block them, the stitches will flatten down.

I've also been working on the Hawaiian Memory Quilt.  If you recall, I had added the lefthand 'jungle' border, but I eventually decided that I didn't like the way it was interrupting the panorama in such a harsh dark slice of colour.  I decided to reinstate the panorama effect by sewing back on the piece of sky that I had cut off (when it was excess) and to turn the jungle border into a promontory.  I added more sea, waves, some more underwater life and fused on all the palm trees that I cut out earlier.  And for a final touch, a boat.  I think it is more or less finished now.  The perspective is kind of crazy, but there are lots of things in here that remind us of our holiday, like the whale DH saw cresting on the horizon when he was swimming in the sea, and the turtles we swam with at the beach, and the stingray and coral reef that I saw when I was snorkelling.  Working on this quilt has brought back some lovely memories of our trip in February 2009, it's been nice to think about tropical isles while the UK is plunged into drizzle and greyness.

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope 2011 brings you what you wish for and that you stay healthy and happy. 


Marthaamay O_o said...

Happy New Year!

I like the red used in your union jack, old looking, in a faux vintage way.

swooze said...

Happy New Year! Sorry that you had a cold but glad you did get some crafty time in.

Daisy said...

Happy New Year to you too. Hope you're feeling better, and I'm loving the perspective on the quilt! ;-)

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