Sunday, 13 February 2011

Me and my big mouth

I have to tidy up the house today, as some nice people that I hardly know are coming over to see my dollshouses.  This is what happens when you have too much to drink at your husband's office xmas party and the nice woman next to you says "Oh, I always wanted a dollshouse when I was little!"

Along a similar vein, following my boastful post last week (which was intended to be tongue in cheek), every time something has gone wrong this week with a craft, my DH has said innocently: "but I thought you were the boss of your crafts?"  It was somewhat funny the first time, and several reiterations later is making me feel homicidal.  I wonder if they let you blog in prison.  Or knit.  I suppose you aren't allowed to knit because the needles would be potential weapons.  Which leads me back to what I want to do to DH...


I've continued to sew the Paper pieced kitchenware blocks this week, as they are so much fun to do.  I'm using some red and blue Dutch fabric that I bought years ago at a quilt show in The Hague.  This week I've finished the rest of the blocks: teapot, milk jug, tea cup and plate.

This is what the hanging will look like. 

I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket in Mission Falls 1824 cotton.  As many knitters before me have observed, this pattern really is an act of faith.  Even though I  knew what it would turn into, I still had trouble working out what part of the jacket I was actually knitting at any one time, and the final transformation into a jacket is like a magic trick.  I joined the shoulder seams by crocheting on the right side, to make a feature of them, and added a little collar.  I have made buttonholes on both sides, and will sew one set closed when I find out if I am giving it to a boy or girl.  No destination in mind yet, just waiting for the next baby to come along.  The size is definitely not new born, probably more like six months or so.

I also finished the Sanquhar Gloves at long last, darning in the ends and wet blocking them.  When I washed them, I purposely worked at the palms a little to shrink them down a bit, and they do fit better now but are still a bit loose in the palms.  I wore them to work this week and they are very warm.  Guess what, it's really really hard to take a picture of your own hands.  I had to improvise by suspending the camera from the clothes rack and using self timer.

The wet blocking flattened out the knitting beautifully and the gloves are quite smooth now.  I'm a bit disappointed that I don't have good definition on all my checkerboard patterns, a result I think of my uneven tension and the hairness of the yarn making some stitches more prominent than others.

It was a really fun knit to do and I feel a sense of achievement at finishing these with such small needles (1.5mm) and lace weight yarn. The geometric pattern is easy to memorise and yet gives a constant feeling of progress as you move upwards, and touches such as the gussets between the fingers and the meeting of the three vertical bands at the tip of each finger are satisfyingly structural.

I've crocheted a bit more of the bands on the Jaeger Yoked Cardigan and have been knitting away on my Katia Ruffled Scarf this week.  I've also cast on for the Holden Shawlette using a limited edition Malabrigo fingering yarn that I bought at Imagiknit in San Francisco and have been saving for something special.

Well, off to tidy the house up now.


swooze said...

Love everything. Those gloves are amazing. What pair is this now? 2nd or third? All wonderful.

What is the color of the Holden shawl? I looked the pattern up on ravelry. Gorgeous!

Daisy said...

The gloves look fantastic!

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