Saturday, 26 February 2011

Still employed

Thank you everyone for your sympathy about my job situation.  It has gotten better, in a rather unexpected way.  I was all ready to hand my notice in, and took advantage of a manager-less last Friday to clean out my desk, clean out my PC files and bring home my personal stuff.  I also started updating my CV etc.

Then on Tuesday I saw my boss' boss was in the office, with his door open, and I thought 'I'll give it one last shot and ask again for a working day at home'.  I went in and asked if he had a few minutes, and began my speech by acknowledging that he had previously refused the request.  The speech went out the window when he denied having done so, and I realised my boss had lied to me about that.  I'm afraid I rather lost it at that point, and poured out my woes about the uncertain situation, the lack of handover, the stress of not having a competent person in charge etc.  He was genuinely shocked because he said he had assumed my boss had given us a lengthy and thorough handover so that we were all happy and knew what we were doing.  Hah!  He also said he had begun to suspect something wasn't right as the consultant didn't seem to know about several issues that he should have done.

The upshot is that my boss' boss has now assumed direct management of me and my colleagues.  He has asked both me and the consultant to write down our current work responsibilities, so that he has an overview and can see where any gaps are.  He acknowledges my request to work from home and will evaluate the request once he sees what I am doing, which isn't a 'no' so there is some chance.  So I feel better now that someone with proper authority is in charge, and am prepared to give it some time and see what develops.

I went along to the I-Knit knitting group in London this week, where unfortunately the curse of the I-Knit alcohol license struck again.  I have learned my lesson not to drink their cider, but apparently the white wine is no better as I managed to overshoot on my increases on my Holden Shawlette.  I un-knit those rows but discovered I had an odd number of stitches which I traced to a missed yarnover several rows previously.  Sigh...  I'm all ready to start the lace border now.  Loving this Malabrigo yarn.

On my Liesl cardigan, you may recall that I was experimenting with the fit of the yoke and sleeve.  The original yoke depth is ok, I think, but I didn't like how extremely tight the sleeve was.  The cardigans in the pattern pictures all have very bodyhugging sleeves as well.  I ripped back my sleeve knitting and ripped back the body to the end of the yoke, and this time I cast on two repeats under the arm instead of just one.  Then I knit a bit of body and a bit of sleeve, and tried it on again.  This time the sleeve seems to fit well, so I think I will go with that.

I also realised that I missed the framed box in the pattern entitled 'Optional' where it turns out the buttonhole instructions are given for the yoke.  I therefore have no buttonholes and will have to work something out later.  I am not that upset as the buttonholes in the pictures on the pattern are all gaping wide open so hopefully I can come up with a better alternative.

I put the final border on my Kitchen Crockery wallhanging and sandwiched it up using a themed backing fabric featuring pots of marmalade and jam.  So far I have quilted around the border and the crockery with the walking foot, and I plan to stipple in the background.

As I type this, I am also trying out a new bit of kit to convert VHS videos to DVDs.  Both our VCRs started misbehaving years ago and wouldn't play tapes properly any more, and you can't seem to get them fixed either as they are obsolete, nor can you buy one without spending loads of money.  But a lovely neighbour (Hi Rosy!) had two she wasn't using, and gave one to me, and it works!  So I have seized the opportunity to convert some of my antique VHS tapes, especially the craft ones.  So far I have converted Susan G's 'Hand-Manipulated Stitches on the Knitting Machine' and at the moment am converting 'Knitting Machine Maintenance' by Peter Free.  I'm using a product called 'Video2PC' by Ion, which comes with software on a CD, a little video capture box, and a cable.  I also had to buy a Scart-to-Composite plug.  You use it by plugging the video capture box into a USB port on the PC, plugging that into the VCR using the cable and the Scart plug, and turning on the VCR.  When you play a video on the VCR, you see it playing on the computer screen and you just press the 'Record' button on screen to capture the video in real time and convert it to a digital file which you can burn to a DVD.  The 60-minute Hand-Manipulated Stitches video converted to a 1.79Gb file.  I haven't tried burning a DVD yet as I don't have any, but I've got some on order.

Almost forgot!  I finished my scarf in Katia Ondas.  I have to say that I didn't enjoy knitting this.  You have to unfold the ribbon in advance so that you can knit along the edge, and as I knit with the yarn in my left hand, it was an awkward interrupted process of knitting a few stitches, sorting out the ribbon, knitting a few more stitches etc.  I took my cue from the comments on Ravelry and only cast on 7 stitches so that I could get a longer scarf.  Not convinced about this.  I wore it to work this week but it felt a bit like wearing colour-coordinated seaweed around my neck.


Denise said...

Glad to hear that your job situation is better. Keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to do your job from home.

On your cardigan, how about those little hooky things (cant remember what they are called but they come in pairs) that you sew on. They are decorative and I think they are really pretty. I have seen them used on sweaters and they really add to the design.

swooze said...

THe job situation sounds promising. I hope it works out the way you would like.

loulee said...

Well the job front is looking up. :-) Send some of that good luck my way, once you're done with it of course.
You amaze me, the way you play about with knitting patterns, I wouldn't dare, I'd end up with a crows nest! LOL

Daisy said...

That's sounding good about your job. I don't think I've come across anyone yet who liked knitting with the Katia!

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