Saturday, 19 February 2011

The times, they are a changing...

I have pretty much decided to give in my notice at my job, which could mean that I will (hopefully temporarily) have LOTS more time for crafts.

This was my new job that I found almost a year ago, after being made redundant from my old job of 18 years.  I like the organisation and the culture, and I like most of what I'm doing, but my boss is a very difficult person to work for - her work habits are shambolic, she's a diva, and extremely jealous of anything she perceives as a threat (e.g. me) so very reluctant to hand anything over and I don't think she has a mentoring bone in her body.  I was tolerating this initially because I hoped they would agree I could work one day a week at home, but that was turned down.  I continued to tolerate it because I really didn't want to be jobless, but last week the final straw arrived when she called me to one side and announced she was being seconded onto a project team for six months or more, and that the APC (annoying pompous consultant) was now going to be my manager.  This guy has only been with us a few months, doesn't know squat about the organisation and lacks basic skills such as editing or proofreading, so there is suddenly no support net for me in my role.  Also I can't stand him. But my boss' 5 minute handover did not acknowledge this increased pressure on me in any way - I think she views me as equivalent to the photocopier and that I will just keep plugging away with no need for feedback or motivation.

I'm going to wait a few weeks just to make sure I know my own mind, and also to bring my time there up to an exact year.  Part of my brain is screaming in intermittent terror but the rest of it is eagerly anticipating just walking away. Shame though, as I could knit there on my breaks.

On top of all of this, I have ANOTHER cold.  There ought to be some law that when you have had one stinking cold, you should be automatically immune for at least five months.

Not feeling well means lots of sitting on the sofa knitting, so I managed to finish my Jaeger Natural Fleece Yoked Cardigan.  I designed this myself working from the numbers in Ann Budd's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns.  It is knit in one piece to the armpits, then the sleeves, then all picked up for knitting the yoke.  The edges are single crochet.  It's lovely and warm, and surprisingly light as the yarn is quite lofty.

I am enjoying knitting the Liesl Cardigan in Knitcol variegated yarn, the lace pattern is only four rows so very easy to memorise.  This is knit from the top down, and the instructions say to knit the yoke to the depth of the armpit.  I couldn't tell if it was deep enough or not because the unblocked lace was pulling up so much, so I put it on a longer cable and gave it a quick block.

I knit a few more repeats then took off stitches for the sleeve.  I am still concerned that the fit is going to be too tight on the armpits, so I have only knit about two inches on the body, and have put caps on the ends of the cables (don't you love interchangeable circulars!) to hold the body stitches.  Meanwhile I have picked up for one sleeve, to knit a few inches of that so I can try the cardigan on.  If it's too tight, I will rip back and put some more repeats on the yoke, but I want to find that out now before I knit the entire body.

I put together the Kitchen Crockery Foundation-Pieced wallhanging and am now adding the borders.  I like how bright and cheerful this is, a nice thing to be sewing now that Spring is in the air.

And in honour of Spring, and the crocuses and daffodils coming up in the lawn, I dug out my Quilt in a Day Spring basket wallhanging that I made some years ago, and hung it up on the wall.

Today was my monthly quilting group meeting for the little group that I run.  I suggested to them that our next group project could be to make seasonal wallhangings, because I like to have a changing assortment on my walls to reflect the seasons.  Blank looks all around and no enthusiasm, so I guess we aren't going to be doing that.

This is what I did today, pieced together 10 blocks for my Kaffe Fassett Stars Over England quilt, which is half of the total of 20.  I don't often make block quilts anymore because I really get bored doing the same thing over and over, at least with this quilt the fabrics are pretty wild, but I was still quite bored after doing 10 and got my Holden Shawlette out for the last 40 minutes or so and just sat knitting.  I am using a fast flying geese method for these, which is explained in several places on the internet such as here.  I had to guess at the size of squares to cut but tried my guess out in scrap fabric before cutting out the quilt, and these stars are going together quite smoothly (except for the one where I accidentally cut the background square too small, but let's not talk about that one...)


Denise said...

All of your projects look lovely! Cant wait to see the lace cardigan when you get it done.

As for work, do what makes YOU feel better. No job is worth being sick to your stomach over. Might be why you keep getting colds (all the stress).

loulee said...

Wow, lots happening. Those stars are very bright.
I'm sorry your job isn't going well.

Lydia Jensen said...

I love your sweater, quilt blocks and so sorry to hear about your's horrible to be stuck at a place that you hate,especially when your time could be used doing much more fun and rewarding things, like knitting and quilting!

Marthaamay O_o said...

oh, very scary about your job. And very sad too that you feel you have to leave because of everyone else's incompetence. Good luck and happy crafting!!!

Daisy said...

Oh wow, love the yoked cardigan!

As for work, don't blame you, it sounds horrendous! Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Is there someone more senior you could trot off to have a quiet word with (maybe once the current boss has disappeared?).

Linda said...

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your projects. Sorry to hear about the job. I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago and walked out. I miss the paycheck but not the aggravation. Good luck with your decision.-Linda

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