Saturday, 26 March 2011

This and that

For some reason I don't seem to have many photos this week.  It's calmed down at work now that I've got past the printing deadlines, and I have been able to catch up on my to-do list.  I also prepared a list of how much more responsibility I have now, compared to last year, and asked for more money.  My new boss was somewhat startled but agreed quite willingly to look into it. The new interim manager starts next week so fingers crossed she is nice.

Sewing this week has been all about Kaffe Fassett.  I sewed together all the pieces I had from my design workshop with Kaffe last year, for the Hawiaian Potpourri Quilt.  I didn't completely design the quilt in the class, because it is ridiculously long (something like 62" wide and 95" inches long, which is like a single quilt for someone who is 7 1/2 feet tall).  So at the moment it has an uneven bottom edge - I need to work out how to fill in the gaps to achieve a straight edge shorter than the original pattern, while still using the three sizes of square that make up the design.  Looks good though.  And today at my quilting club, I finished sewing all the blocks for my Kaffe Fassett Stars over England quilt and laid it out on the floor with all its setting blocks.  It is one heck of a bright quilt, to the point where you almost feel you need to shade your eyes.  Lots of colour combinations I would never put together myself, but these are the authentic fabrics as I purchased a kit of fabrics from Glorious Colour in the States. I should have taken a piccy but didn't think of it.  Now all the rows are stacked and pinned up, ready to assemble. I'm not sure that this one is a keeper for while it has been exhilarating to work with colours and big prints that I wouldn't normally use, the overall effect is rather more psychedelic than I think I want to have around in my own home.  May have to find a new owner for it when it's done.

On the knitting front, I knit the 25th square for my Learn to Knit Afghan, a twisted stitch trellis in two colours.  Now I need to block them all out to size.  I also did a few rows on my Holden Shawlette, I'm on the last repeat of the chart for the wavy edge.

I picked up a cute book at the discount book warehouse by Waterloo Station for only £4.99.  "Beautiful knits for heads, hands and toes - stunning accessories for you to knit" by Alison Dupernex.  I am not normally that interested in accessories but there are some cute and useful things in here, the usual scarves, hats, bags, legwarmers, some nice socks and some really interesting gloves.  There is one pair of gloves knit sideways in garter stitch, with a different colour for each finger.  And a pretty pair of fingerless gloves with a braided cable, knit in Rowan Denim so slightly faded - and I think I have some Rowan Denim leftover from my Mustang jumper that I knit a while back.

The weather in London has been absolutely glorious this week, I ate my lunch in the park in the sunshine on a few days (with some knitting afterwards of course).  In typical English fashion, it turned grey for the weekend, and even rather chilly in the afternoon.  Our clocks go forward this evening, so I am trying to decide whether it would be better to have a lie-in tomorrow then be cranky on Monday morning from lack of sleep, or get up early tomorrow to get it over with, and be cranky tomorrow which is at least a home day and not a work day.  Decisions, decisions...


Marthaamay O_o said...

Good luck on your pay rise request being granted!

I like your afghan square, the pattern is lovely. I have been looking at afghan crochet today.. I like the style, doesn't look like crochet as much.

swooze said...

LOL on the sleep thing.

I hope you get the raise. You are getting quite bold arent you??

Daisy said...

Good luck with the pay rise!
I love this time of year when it's all sunny - had lunch outside a few times and had a great time!

paulette said...

I have the same EXACT set up and am having a terrible time with thread breaking and fraying (it's the top thread from the cone). How is your machine? Have you had any problems and if so HOW did you fix them!! Please help!! I am ready to take a hammer to my Grand Pfaff!!

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