Sunday, 20 March 2011

What happened to this week?

This week has been ridiculously busy at work, as I had two publications going to print this week and my new boss seems happy to be piling stuff on me that my old boss used to do.  Therefore I spent most of my evenings collapsed in an exhausted heap in front of the telly, and not doing much crafting.

I did do some pressing and sewing on my Kaffe Fassett Potpourri quilt.  Working on this brings back so many lovely memories of my trip to Hawaii where I took this workshop with Kaffe and Brandon Mably.  This is a very bright quilt.  When I got home after the trip, I took it to my fairly traditional quilt club and unrolled it for them to see.  There was a sort of stunned silence, before one member said faintly: "it's very busy, isn't it?"  Someone else suggested adding solid sashing "to calm it down".

While it does look a little like someone vomited up a Hawaiian flower garden onto the wall, I rather like it  :)  It's very cheerful and in keeping with the Spring weather we are enjoying now.

I knit two more squares for my Learn to Knit Afghan, bringing my total to 24 squares.  I just need one more now and I think I will call it a day.  I put them all out on the floor to have a look at them, and realised that my tension must have become looser over the years, as the earlier squares are smaller than the later ones. Hopefully they will block out, it is a pure wool yarn.  The blue and white stripe one is the biggest, I may have to pull that one out and try it with fewer stitches.

Yesterday (Saturday) we headed over to the newly re-opened Squires Garden Centre at Shepperton.  We had boycotted it for a long time, as they had closed down several independent craft businesses that leased outbuildings when they decided to rebuild.  There used to be a good needlework shop there, a wool shop, a farm shop etc.  The new building has a 'craft area' which is like a Hobbycraft wannabe, full of stuff of no real interest to people who actually do those hobbies.  For example, although the word 'knitting' appears on a lot of big signs, the only yarn they have is one wall unit of ultracheap Stylecraft acrylic.  However, there are a number of cheap craft books, and I picked up this book of memory quilts for only £3.99.  There are some really cute ideas in here for transforming your collections into quilts, be they music tickets, programmes, pins, ties, postcards, letters or whatever. I would like to have a go with some of my travel souvenirs from when I was younger.  We enjoyed a cream tea in the huge new cafe, and wandered around the sparsely stocked plant area enjoying the Spring sunshine.  As they are newly opened, they were giving away goody bags to people who brought a voucher to the till, and to my surprise we were able to get one.  It had some great stuff in it, cookies, savoury biscuits, sweets, soap, lavender bag and a pen.  Still wish they hadn't closed down the independent craft stores though.

And today we drove up to Birmingham for the enormous and always excellent Miniatura dollshouse fair.  I had committed to only keeping DH waiting two hours, so I had to run around like a madwoman, trying to get round all the tables.  I basically had to reject any table that didn't have goods that were on my shopping list - which probably saved me money.  I picked up several 1/24th items for the Fairfield house that I am building.  On the drive there and back, I was knitting on my Holden Shawlette, my Johnny Rotten mitten, and my Selbuvotter Annemor glove.

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Daisy said...

So is the general idea that you now do two people's jobs?! Love the quilt - it IS bright, but that's good. And at least you have an excuse for slightly differently sized blanket squares - mine I just seem not to be able to use a tape measure when blocking...

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