Sunday, 1 May 2011

Burgled :(

We've just come back from two nights camping, and our plans of having two more days relaxing at home on this long Royal Wedding weekend have been disrupted as we found that our house had been broken into while we were gone.  The neighbour thinks she heard a bang in the early hours of last night, and it looks like they entered by smashing in a window in our rear conservatory and reaching in to let themselves in.

They turned out a lot of boxes and bags upstairs but didn't do much downstairs so perhaps ran out of time.  Very luckily they didn't take time to smash up or vandalise, for example none of my dollshouses or sewing machines or anything seem to have been touched.  They have taken two laptops, some jewellery and a watch, but mostly have hit my son: they took his game console, three handheld games consoles, most of his games and over £100 of his pocket money.  So he is pretty upset as you can imagine. But it could have been an awful lot worse, and as far as we can tell, they didn't bother to steal our identity like passports, cheque books etc.

So we've spent most of the evening talking to police, getting the smashed window boarded up (at our own expense as our insurance company seems to be rubbish when it is out of hours) and picking stuff up to put it away, while we try to work out what is missing.  Dare I say it, but I think our extremely cluttered home may have stymied the burglar, most of the cupboards and things that he opened were full of craft material which must have become a bit frustrating after the 6th or 7th cupboard...  Let's hope so anyway.

I think I'm dreading having to deal with the insurance company even more than I am upset about our home being invaded.  I hope they aren't going to want receipts for everything.  And I know we are going to end up out of pocket with the excess, having to pay for the window to be boarded etc.  And we've just realised that they stole the spare key for the car, so DH is going to have to go and hide it on another street.


swooze said...

I am sorry you are having to deal with this.....

Sophie said...

How awful to come back to someone having been in your house. I am really glad, as you are too, that they didn't vandalise your dollhouses etc. and really feel for your son. I don't know why people think they have the right to other peoples property. Thinking of you all x

Daisy said...

Oh no, how awful, not only the disruption and expense but knowing somebody got into your house. Although I'd have liked to have seen the expression on their face when they found all the craft materials!

Marthaamay O_o said...

This is terrible, and about the car too, what can you do about it? Can the car locks be changed easily?

I hope your insurance company get their act together soon.

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