Saturday, 7 May 2011

Trying week

It's been a fairly stressful week, trying to deal with the aftermath of the burglary and meanwhile I am really busy at work.  I can't remember if I blogged that my old boss' boss, the one that stepped in and fired the consultant, had a heart attack a few weeks ago and is going to be gone for three or four months after open heart surgery (yes, I've said it before, I really do work in a Soap Opera).  So not only am I doing my own job, and most of my previous boss' job, but I no longer have the support of the senior manager and we are having to improvise processes and do the best we can.

Meanwhile I've been talking to the insurance company, who are sending an assessor next week; getting the window measured up for replacement; I've had two electricians in to quote on better security lights; I've had a security firm in to quote on security lights as well but they said we would be better off with a burglar alarm; and I've had the local police in to advise on how we can improve the security of our home (they also said we should get an alarm).

So not a whole lot of crafts this week.  I did go out to my machine knitting shed last Monday, the day after the burglary, and when I unlocked the door, it fell off in my hand.  Turns out the burglar had patiently unscrewed all the hinges to have a look inside.  Let's hope he was fairly pissed to discover yet more yarn.  He didn't actually go in as the bolt side and the bottom hinge were still intact and nothing had been disturbed.

I was coping fairly well until Thursday when I suddenly realised that my engagement ring (which I rarely wore and kept in its box) was missing as well.  That really upset me and Thursday wasn't a great day.

Over the Easter weekend I cut out a new quilt, using up a pack of Moda 'Portugal' fabric that I had, and throwing in some of my own stash.  This is a pattern called 'Sophia's Song' which was in the May/June 2011 McCall's Quilting magazine, designed by Gerri Robinson.  Thursday night, to cheer myself up, I got out my homemade design wall and laid out the blocks and took this photo.  They are pinned up in rows now, waiting to be sewn.  A plain border goes on around the edge - I might try my sunflower fabric and see how it looks.  I love these colours, which make me think of sun-washed summer days.

The rest of the evenings I have been cocooning on the sofa in front of the TV, working on sewing together my Learn to Knit Afghan.  I sewed my six rows together, and now I am sewing the rows to each other.  I did experiment with crocheting the rows together, using double crochet and then slip stitch, but I didn't like the ridge it made nor how stiff it made the 'sashing', so I decided to just overcast stitch the crocheted edges together.

Mabel left a comment on the blog asking what was happening with my Next Generation quilting frame.  I couldn't respond directly as she is set to 'no reply' on Blogger, so I will say here that progress has been slow because the supplier I ordered most of the hardware from, to have a go at making an improved end instead of the sticky ratchets, thought it would just sit on the whole order because one of the handles wasn't available until 12 May. I protested, and the first part of the order finally turned up yesterday. However, the plastic dowels I bought to be the insert into the metal pipe have turned out to be too hard to drill or reduce in size, so I am a bit discouraged. I could go back to Plan A and just sheath the saggy poles in metal tubes, but I was hoping to avoid having to use the ratchets on the take up roller and backing roller at least. Time for a rethink on how to hang the poles from the frame. Meanwhile we have a 12-foot long coffee table in our living room which hopefully impeded the burglar as much as it gets in our way.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Oh no about your engagement ring. What a shame. We've got a burglar alarm, but not linked to anyone or thing so I'm not totally sure how much use it is (deterrent?).

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