Saturday, 14 May 2011

We now return to your normal programme

It feels a bit like things are getting back to normal.  It has become normal to have a boarded up window - still no sign of the replacement glass although I left a message today chasing them up.  The insurance assessor came on Thursday and turned out to be really nice.  He was very sympathetic and it sounds like we might actually be covered.  Apparently what happens now is yet another company gets involved who decide how much the electronics will cost to replace, and then offer us replacements, while some other company values the jewellery.  Meanwhile he gave me permission to replace my son's Ipod as he is studying for exams and was really missing it.  We got that today so my son is happy.

I had my Saturday Quilting Club today.  We have started our new group project, which is actually a UFO challenge rather than a group sewing project.  It's based on the one that Swooze was taking part in, where you list six projects and the coordinator (me) chooses a number and that's the one you have to work on.  We are going to do two months on each project, and I gave out prizes today for the oldest project on the list etc.  Some very ancient projects have come out the woodwork, including a 1982 hexagon quilt, and a 1980 first quilt.  In lieu of a random number generator, I got my cat (the one pictured below) to choose the first number by placing six pieces of dry food down on a piece of paper with six numbers written on it.  Of course he ate the closest one first, so I went with his second choice which was Number Five.

My number five project is my Grandmother's Last Quilt 25-block applique project.  I started this years ago with the plan to needleturn applique two blocks a month for a year, and do one more block and have a top.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Today I excavated block number 15 and worked on that all morning.  It felt kind of good to finally be giving it some attention.  In the afternoon, I sewed together all the blocks for my Moda Portugal quilt that was on my design wall last week.  Now I just need to add a border.

Also this week I have sewn together the blocks for my Learn to Knit Afghan  and have started to knit a border for it.  The border I've chosen is 'Vertical garter stitch scallops' from Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein, only I've added an extra plain row to round the scallops a bit. I experimented with knitting this directly onto the edge by joining at the end of each return row, but it was really cumbersome and heavy with the weight of the afghan, so I pulled that out and am just knitting it seperately.  This makes it a portable project.  Nicky doesn't say how to turn the corner, so I just mitred a corner in between two scallops by using short rows.

I made a push over the last few weeks on my Liesl cardigan in Knitcol yarn, because now is really the right weather to be wearing it.  I took it on our camping trip last weekend and got a lot done until I managed to break one of my KnitPro needles.  I did a bit on straights which was really awkward until my new tips arrived from Get Knitted in Bristol, then I finished the body this week.  Annoyingly, despite joining in several new balls of yarn as I knit, the variegation has split so that the two sides of the cardigan are completely different colours.  Grrrrr.  It looks cropped but that's just because it's not blocked yet.

After having a rethink about the Next Generation Frame, I ordered some wooden dowels in place of the too-hard plastic ones I was going to use.  Today I did some work on the home-made pole ends and maybe tomorrow, if it isn't raining, I might gather up my courage and try cutting one of the metal pipes.  It has become normal to have a 12 foot long coffee table in our living room and we are stacking the garden furniture cushions on it.  I am feeling intimidated by the whole job and wondering if it is going to work at all, but I'm not a quitter so will keep going and hope for the best.  Hopefully I will be quilting the Moda Portugal quilt on it some day soon.

Tomorrow I am off up to London to visit the London Kensington Dolls House Festival, one of the top UK shows, which generally has loads of eye candy.  I still haven't got my pay raise (although I am assured it is coming) so won't be going crazy, but I would like to get more 1/24th accessories for the Fairfield / Lydia Pickett dollshouse I am still building. It's usually quite an enjoyable fair, although a little static as it seems like almost the same people every year, in exactly the same spots.  This year they are promising a programme of free films/lectures so hopefully I will get to see some of those.

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Daisy said...

Love the idea of a cat random number generator! Enjoy the fair.

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