Sunday, 12 June 2011


Yesterday was Worldwide Knit in Public Day, or at least the kick-off, as it will go on for a week or so to allow everyone to take part.  I went along and joined the Hampton knitting group who were knitting in public at the Hampton Carnival.  They are a very friendly group but I'm not sure any of the public realised what we were doing as we didn't have any signage.

I was wrestling with the third sleeve (first sleeve Part Deux) of my Liesl Cardigan, once again having a dickens of a time getting the pattern to match up smoothly.  Although Feather & Fan stitch is easy to do, it is relatively difficult to get it to line up if you aren't sure where you are. I'm several rows into the sleeve but still not sure it is working properly. The variegated Knit-col yarn was admired by several people.

On a more positive note, I'm really pleased with the re-knit of my Cookie A Sunshine Sock.  It is working out much better in the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.  It fits better, and looks more delicate and less like knitted truck tire tread.  I have turned the heel and am just starting to decrease the gussets. I only did two repeats of the leg chart so it will be a shorter summer sock (the pattern calls for three repeats). Turns out the top-of-foot chart is wrong as well, but an obvious error (double column of purl stitch) that was easy to spot.

I'm still knitting away on my Vertical Garter Stitch Edging for my afghan and am now on the final side.

On the quilting front, I finished the frame quilting on my Gingerbread House Christmas wallhanging.  It still needs more quilting off the frame, mainly stitch in the ditch around the borders and panel squares.

My tracks seem to be getting worse and the steering is definitely getting a bit wonky now.  I'm looking into getting replacement rails through a UK supplier.

I have a treat to look forward to - DH has kindly agreed to drive me up to visit Cotton Patch, a quilt shop in Birmingham which specialises in machine frame quilting.  They are having an open day to demonstrate the various frames and gadgets you can use like rulers and pattern boards.  Goody Bags are promised!  It is probably going to give me a bad case of mid-arm envy, but hopefully it will also prove useful.

Meanwhile I am trudging on with preparing my remaining tops for the frame, finishing them and constructing backings where necessary.  I got the sunflower borders onto my Moda Portugal Nine-Patch quilt.  I've hung it up in the landing where it provides an uplifting sunny spot - given that our weather has turned cold, grey and rainy again here. I'm planning to quilt this using pantographs - so now I've got to learn how to do pantographs!  I plan to load a practice sandwich onto the frame today and start trying to learn.

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Daisy said...

And the sock in the flesh looks great too!

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