Saturday, 2 July 2011

The one where I finish a long term project

Yes, I actually finished my Learn to Knit Afghan from the Barbara Walker book, on which I re-learned how to knit back in Autumn 2006.  While she offers 63 squares, I stopped at a more modest 25 and used 24 for the afghan.  I can remember trying to figure out what the 'worsted' wool was that the book called for (I bought Debbie Bliss Merino Aran as the nearest equivalent I could afford in the UK at the time).  And I can remember painfully re-learning to knit, teaching myself continental style from the wonderful free videos in the website.  And now it's done, complete with garter stitch border which really pulls together all the disparate squares.  In fact, it looks like a quilt now.  It's lovely and warm as well.  And I can knit!  I'm still no expert, but it has long since become a pleasurable and relaxing activity (except when it's all going wrong...).

And even when it does all go wrong, I have the confidence and patience to pull it out and start again, as I've done several times now with my Cookie A Sunshine Socks.  I'm just about to start the toe, and it's fitting really well. 

I've quilted my Seven Wonders of the World Stack n Whack quilt this week, a project that I started for my son back in 1999.  The backing is made up of Y2K fabrics sewn together, that's how old it is.  I used a simple pantograph design stitched top to bottom.  I'm getting much better at following the lines but am still being thwarted by my dodgy tracks, but apparently my new tracks have arrived in the UK and they will be sending them to me soon.  I've got three more tops to go after this quilt, and a fourth one that just needs borders. I'm beginning to develop a Quilt Mountain in my bedroom/sewing room, piled up waiting for binding.  Perhaps everyone is going to get a quilt for christmas this year...

I pulled out another old project this week, my Bergere de France Eyelet jumper in mercerised cotton.  It took me a little while to work out where I was in the lace pattern but I'm back into the swing of it now.  I didn't feel like knitting on it during the winter because it is such a summery project.  And I made myself keep working on my applique block for the Group UFO challenge, making templates, tracing them on fabric, tracing the placement lines etc.  I've started sewing down the stems now for a whirling design with four roses on curving stems coming out of a centre rose.

Well, I'm going to go and wrap up in my new Afghan-that-looks-like-a-quilt, and knit in front of the tv.  Happy Canada Day and Independence Day to you (1 and 4 July respectively), hope you had a good day.


swooze said...

Wow I think the month for the setup being in the living room has expired but you sure are making great use of your extension!

After you quilt those 4 your will have to spend the rest of the year making more tops! Love watching the progress both quilty and knitty!

Sue said...

I agree with swooze! Beautiful progress on all fronts. I love the quilt of course and that sock is just beautiful! You are an inspiration!

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