Saturday, 20 August 2011

How not to look after yourself

I haven't exactly been treating my body as a temple this week.  I've had a succession of late nights leaving me tired each day; then went out for drinks Wednesday night with an old friend and missed supper in favour of alcohol and french pastries; then got invited out for an impromptu drink after work Thursday with my boss and three other managers (I'm not a manager) which turned into a heavy drinking session (and no supper) resulting in me falling into bed just before midnight with the room spinning a fair bit. Normally I really don't drink much, honest.

ALERT - do not read the next para if you are squeamish.

So Friday night feeling groggy and ancient, I was trying to finish my log cabin quilt, feeling guilty about how little I had done this week.  To make a long story short, I managed to sew right through the tip of my ring finger with the sewing machine.  This is a Pfaff Grand Hobby Quilter which is a semi-industrial home machine, and I knew it was powerful but it's rather impressive to see an entry AND exit wound on opposite sides of your finger. It all happened pretty quickly and didn't even hurt much, but the needle shattered and I could only find two out of the three pieces of it.  On the basis that there might still be a quarter-inch of metal needle in my finger, off we went to the A&E for an x-ray.  The most painful part of the night was prizing off my wedding ring with the aid of some lubricant, so that they wouldn't cut it off.  X-rays showed no needle tip (wonder where that went then, but likely DS or DH will find it soon with their feet) so they just sent me home again and said it should heal up in a week.  Luckily the needle went through at the side of the nail, rather than piercing the nail, and the bone is intact.  The hospital was predicting lots of swelling but so far it seems fine.  I guess if you have to pierce your fingertip with something, then a tapered ultra-sharp metal needle is going to do the least damage.

Ok, no more blood and gore stories.  So I finished the Log Cabin quilt this morning and it went straight in the washing machine to shrink up the cotton wadding a bit.  I did a better job on the Baptist Fan this time so practice does make you better at things, but there are still some dodgy fan blades here and there.  I was brave and used a plain calico backing (plain backings don't hide mistakes as well) because I thought it fit better with the American Civil War reproduction fabrics of the design.

Last Sunday I had 'booked' a day off from the family and planned to have a lovely restful sewing day, like the kind I read about on other people's blogs.  I was working on project number five of the UFO challenge, the Scrappy Knapsack.  Unfortunately, despite expressing verbal support, the rest of the family didn't seem to grasp the concept of me having a day off.  M-i-L phoned to see if DS was taking them up on their invitation (which I didn't know about) to go spend a week with them, so I had to wake up DS, negotiate a length of stay with him, and phone back and negotiate with her on logistics.  DS couldn't get the dishwasher to turn on, and had to be reminded several times to feed the cats. DH was with the programme until about mid-afternoon when he started to feel abandoned which made him grumpy, and all in all it began to seem that life could not go on for anyone unless I stopped what I was doing and gave them some attention.  Obviously next time I want a day off, I should pack DH and DS off to visit with M-i-L.  For breakfast and stay for supper.  And possibly stay overnight as well.  Anyway, I got the body of the knapsack done with the outside pockets, and have started to work on the lining.  This is a picture before I sewed the last seams to join the back to the body.

About the only other thing I've done this week is some commuter knitting (Summer Flies Shawl, now back on track) and a bit of evening knitting earlier in the week before I started turning into a barfly.  I sorted out the Berroco Eyelet Jumper and ran a lifeline through it.  This is the first time I've ever used a lifeline and unfortunately didn't think about what I was doing and ran the lifeline through all the stitch markers as well (remember I said I was tired).  As they aren't the kind that open and close, this made subsequent rows somewhat difficult so I had to take the lifeline out and run it through again, skipping over the markers this time.  Machine knitted doll is still bald and the cables on the Cable Yoke jumper are still unfixed.  I haven't tried knitting with my newly-pierced finger yet, hopefully it isn't going to be a problem.  Shame I'm not a Goth, or now that my finger is pierced I could have put a silver stud through it to show how hard I am   :)


Daisy said...

Ooh, who knew crafting was DANGEROUS?!

Marthaamay O_o said...

Wowowowoww. Ouch. This happened to another person I knew, sewing machine incident. You could have pretended your finger was a mini Frankenstein's Monster! Is it sore to craft with now?
Your quilts look lovely despite the needle danger!

Teresa said...

Ouch..that had to hurt. Sounds just like something I would do. Sorry your day was not all you hoped it would be, but at least you know you are needed, ;)

Sue said...

I have done that. Twice. I don't learn easy! Looks like you have mastered the fan. It looks fabulous!

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