Saturday, 13 August 2011

Knitting karma has left the building

It hasn't been a great week for knitting.  After mucking up the stitch count on my Summer Flies shawl last weekend, and spending about an hour counting and re-counting stitches (and coming up with a different answer every time) I eventually identified the errant yarnover.  The next row had some M1s scattered along it, which I managed to get in the wrong place.  I sorted that out, and knitted the next row with relief (169 stitches) only to realise that it should have been a purl row.  Sigh...

The Berroco Eyelet Jumper was going really well, I thought, until I couldn't get a row to go right.  Somehow I have apparently managed to jump to a random point in the chart and knit about an inch of absolute rubbish.  So now I am trying to unravel about an inch and a half of lace knitting, with no lifeline, without losing my markers.

And the Drops Sleeveless Cable Yoked cardigan has also rebelled, my cables seem to have snaked off piste and I'm not sure what's going on there but it doesn't match the chart.  I don't think I need to pull back too much, maybe about a half inch.

But I have been getting on fairly well with my Machine Knit Doll,  who is now fully limbed and dressed.  I'm working on her hair, crocheting snakes of hair in a similar style to a doll in the latest issue of Simply Knitting magazine.  At the moment she is entirely bald on the back of her head, so lots more snakes to crochet until she looks decent.

I gave my Vintage Spiderweb feedsack quilt a gentle soak in the bathtub.  I didn't think it was that dirty, but the water turned an interesting shade of brown so I guess it had picked up some grime since the 1940s.  The overcast-but-warm-and-breezy weather was ideal for drying it flat on a sheet on the lawn.  The cotton wadding has now shrunk up a bit, lifting the quilting up into relief.  It looks a bit too bumpy now, I think I will gently steam it a bit to relax the wrinkles and flatten it a bit, but it already has a vintage look like it is an antique and not just quilted a few weeks ago.  I've done several passes on the Log Cabin quilt currently in the frame, I might be halfway now on it.

And I finished Block 16 of the Grandmother's Last Quilt 25 block applique quilt, which was Project Number Five in the UFO challenge we are doing in my quilting group.  Only 9 blocks left, which at my present rate of progress is probably another two years...


PixieMum said...

Am absolutely amazed at all your beautiful workmanship.

Do you spend all your time on your hobbies? I am so impressed, but then everyone seems to achieve more than I do :)

Daisy said...

Love the snakey hair - looks so much more realistic than the doll i made years ago (admittedly not knitted, although the hair was wool!).

Sue said...

I cannot begin to imagine how to knit a doll. Nice work!

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