Monday, 29 August 2011

No more camping, sob

We took Friday off to make a long weekend out of the Bank Holiday weekend, and went camping up in the Cotswolds near Chipping Norton.  Gorgeous part of the world, I could definitely see myself living there if I win the lottery.  The so-called summer continues to be erratic, and we had pouring rain on Friday, but the rest of the weekend wasn't bad although ever-changing.  I took four knitting projects and made progress on all of them:
  • Summer Flies shawl:  I'm now on the final stretch, just starting the final ruffled edge.
  • Drop Stitch shawl:  I decided my crescent was wide enough, and I've started decreasing now.
  • Cabled Yoke sweater:  having solved the cable conundrum prior to leaving home, I managed about another three inches on this so storming along now.
  • Cookie A Sunshine sock:  turned the heel on the second sock, and am just decreasing the gussets.
Sadly, that was probably our last ever family camping holiday.  DH has never been keen, and has been growing steadily less keen.  DS, who is a teenager, has previously announced that he hates camping, and was visibly miserable all weekend.  So I've accepted defeat, and am sadly going to sell the trailer tent.  I really love getting away in it, but there's not much point if the rest of the family isn't cooperating.  I'm not much of a driver and don't have a car, so going away in it myself wouldn't be practical.

This week I managed to finish the machine knitted doll, giving her a garter stitch red bow as a final touch.

I also got as far as loading the Kaffe Fassett 'Stars over England' quilt, but haven't started quilting it yet.  I'm going to meander on it as I need a break from pantos and the busy design means that the quilting won't show very much.


Sue said...

Oooohhh. Love that Kaffe quilt! I know what you mean about needing to get away from the back. You can go cross eyed after a while! I did my first from the front this week. It was a flower pattern I learned from the Pajama Quilter DVD. Easier on the eyes but nerve wracking in it's own way as I'm not too good yet at anticipating where/what I want to do! The doll looks great finished too!

Daisy said...

Love the doll!

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