Sunday, 4 September 2011

How many quilts does one person need?

For some reason work has been manic this week, causing me to have to work through my lunch and stay late two days in a row.  It's a bit stressful again at the moment, lots of office politics flying around, and my interim manager's contract is coming to an end soon with no certainty as to what happens then.

I did get out to I-Knit in London on Thursday night for a pleasant evening of knitting, the first time in a while that I have dropped in.  I also picked up the issue of Interweave Knits with the Dahlia Cardigan pattern that everyone on Ravelry has been adding to their queue.  I like the doiley-like motif on the back, but I don't like the front of it.  Apparently there are more options for customising it on the Interweave site, will have to go have a look.

I was working on my Summer Flies shawl, and that's also been my commuter knitting this week.  I am now on the final section, which is incredibly tedious as the stitch count has doubled to 395 stitches and it's worked in stockinette.  395 purl stitches every alternate row, groan.  But I am soldiering on.  Meanwhile the weather has jumped forward to October so my dreams of wearing this over a sleeveless t-shirt on a lovely summer day will have to wait until next summer.

TV knitting has been the Berroco Eyelet Jumper and I am just a few rows away from decreasing for the armhole.  It's been so long since I started this that I had to look for several minutes to find the rest of the pattern to find out what to do at the armhole - I've only been carrying around the chart in my knitting bag.

Knitting Magazine had some cool free stitch-in labels as the gift on their recent issue, including "Stay calm and carry yarn" and "I heart knitting" so I may sew those onto some of my knitting bags.

I'm about halfway or a little more through stippling on the Kaffe Fassett Stars over England quilt.  The other thing I did this week was to move my dollshouse construction worktable so that I could get at my quilt cupboard for a longer overdue airing of the quilts.  With DH's help, I got them all out and spread flat on the bed to spend a day relaxing, before we refolded them at the end of the day.  I always mean to count them when we do that, but always forget.  I have more quilts than I have room to store, and I don't use them as much as I did in our previous house which was much colder than our current home.

I used to be a semi-prolific quilter and I just wonder how many quilts does a person really need?  I've got several vintage or antique quilts which I really love to look at, some family heirlooms which are not as loveable but they are heirlooms and have sentimental value, a bunch that I have made over the years, and some made by friends.  I decided I have to get rid of some of them, and chose three bed-sized quilts that I will try to sell.  But in the UK there isn't any good way to sell quilts - the majority of people would only pay the price they would pay for a blanket.  I don't think Etsy is an option as the overseas postage costs would be a killer (c. £90 to post a quilt, been there, done that) and there isn't a good UK equivalent that I know of - Folksy has a number of quilts that either don't seem to be selling, or are on sale at ridiculously low prices.

I want to sell my Year in the Garden quilt - this is a picture of when it was just a top, but it's been professionally quilted since.

Also this sampler quilt - also professionally quilted.

And a third quilt made from a pattern in McCall's Vintage Quilts magazine several years ago, which features bright yellow circles against pieced blocks, set in red sashing, very bright.  Can't find a photo of it though.

If any UK readers have any good suggestions on where to sell quilts, I woul love to hear them.  I know there is Ebay, but I don't like their recent changes (high commission charges, forcing use of Paypal).

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Hmm, I'm not sure where to suggest. Are there any more upmarket craft fairs around here?

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