Thursday, 27 October 2011

Jackson to Stowe

Today we drove through the White Mountains into Vermont. Mostly it was natural beauty spots but I did find a small quilt shop that was shutting down. I bought one fat quarter and three of the leather thimbles that I use when stitching down binding, all at 25% off.

We stopped in Barre for lunch and I was very excited to find a leaflet advertising the Real Good Toys dollhouse factory outlet! DH accused me of planning this visit, but it really was happen chance. So we drove up the road to find it.

Everything was marked down but I was surprised at how expensive they were to begin with. I think we are spoiled in the UK with fairly reasonably priced miniatures. I did see one very cute half scale victorian but it was $750 even marked down. I bought two tubes of Quick Grip glue which is hard to get in the UK and some strips of LED lights ditto. I hadn't realised they were based in Vermont but when I think about it, I realise how much both their houses and Greenleaf houses look like New England architecture. For example we saw this house in Stowe, very like a dollhouse. And there was one in Barre near the shop that had windows with surrounds just like a Greenleaf house.

We were just turning around in Stowe on the way to the hotel, when I spotted this sign for quilts and yarn and shrieked at DH to pull over . He is well trained so I was soon being welcomed by three ladies knitting, who invited me to pull up a chair. So I did, and knit a row on my shawl while we chatted. Very nice welcome to Stowe. Tomorrow we are going to the Shelburne Museum where I hope to see loads of quilts.

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Marthaamay O_o said...

Shops look like houses!

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